Specifications of AMD R9-290X Hawaii GPU Detailed – Announcement on 25th September With Ruby

AMD is officially going to present their next generation Hawaii GPU in Hawaii on 25th September at the AMD GPU ’14 Tech Day event. We have a few details regarding the new Hawaii GPU thanks to Forbes recent chat with AMD’s Matt Skynner (AMD’s Corporate Vice President and General manager) but the key specifications remain unknown.

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MorePowerOfGreen1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

So they changed the rumored SEP 29th date to the 25th. Marking the calendar. Finally some engineers and technicians will reveal AMD and partners chips.

I like to know the reason for the real specs of this real power supply And some news on the real Dual-GPU on the same SOC. Forget the fake rumor about the debunked discrete GPU

"No add'l dGPU. Working on more tech deep-dives. XBO is plenty capable now and in the future. Perf. differences are greatly overstated."

NO ADDED DISCRETE GPU is the wording nothing more.

Albert avoided the original DGPU wafer design rumor.

SniperControl1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

Man, you guys are still harping on about that mythical GPU.

"No add'l dGPU. Working on more tech deep-dives. XBO is plenty capable now and in the future. Perf. differences are greatly overstated."

NO ADDED DISCRETE GPU is the wording nothing more"

You trolls are getting desperate aren't you?


MorePowerOfGreen1620d ago

"You trolls are getting desperate aren't you?"

The Irony. Planning on getting the Xb1? Nope didn't think so.

Ignore you then

SniperControl1620d ago


Actully, yeah i am, have had my 360 for over 5 years now, scrub that, i have had 3 360's in 5 years. One of my favorite IP's is Gears, up there with Uncharted.
Unlike you, i am not trolling made up pieces of desperate trash all over the internet.

NoLongerHereCBA1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

MorePowerOfGreen has the right to believe what he wants to believe. I must admit even I have hopes, but I don't want to get too excited because there is a very high possibility it is not true.

He is not talking down on anyone or a different console, so I don't see the problem.

grassyknoll1620d ago

If you honestly think there's a extra GPU in the Xbox One, you're a completely insane. The system would either melt, have water cooling or use alien technology. None of those things are going to happen.

Animal Mutha 761620d ago

The rumor doesn't suggest an extra separate GPU but more something along the lines of a split GPU in a host/guest arrangement within the main system on a chip with features that are not yet known and suspected to be similar to what AMD is going to talk about with the VI chips.

I'm NOT endorsing this but there is a substantial amount of discussion/evidence to suggest there is more there than we have been told and the AMD NDA on the VI stuff has been suggested as the cover to prevent leaks and to allow MS to hide a potential advantage from Sony before they go past the point of no return with their own specs.

The power supply ratings are speculated to be more than is required for what we have been told.

I guess we will find out soon enough.....

MRMagoo1231620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

Along with the fact they cant get games running at 1080p and 60fps on the xbone you think that would give ppl a clue the "rumor" made by only one person and only ever one person was false

"MS to hide a potential advantage from Sony before they go past the point of no return with their own specs. " that was months ago months and months ago lol there is no dgpu and i would bet my own life on it.

I really cant wait till the 25th now so you xbone (not aimed at you animal) retards can stfu about the magic dgpu that doesnt exist and the NDA that doesnt exist ffs.

deadfrag1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

It must be the 900p dgpu right,and its so discrete that runs at full power guys have fate,to bad it will never happen!

Flutterby1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

You are gonna look like a complete tool along with your other accounts on the 25th , anyone believing this dgpu crap is an idiot.

devwan1620d ago

Ah, so the agrees and bubbles he gains back are from multiple accounts? I thought there was a small army of believers hanging on his every word (I really hope there isn't, it'd be very sad to discover).

MPOG: Take a deep breath, step back a few paces and exhale. Now take a look at the current state of affairs.

Now tell me how is it in Microsoft's interest to have their hardware labelled as being the weaker of the two for over 6 months. Time in which the ps4's pre-orders have been unprecedented (eg in the UK, pre-orders have already exceeded the originally projected launch window figures, world pre-orders in total are said to be "millions" rather than the previous "over a million"... Then look at the criticism of xbox one, where people have questioned its ability due to the lack of native 1080P games.

Do you really think Microsoft would do such harm to their already battered reputation given what has already happened with the reveal, the 180s and the misinformation/miscommunicatio n errors? Do you think they would allow their most loyal customer base, the hardcore gamers who spend much of their time gaming and reading all about gaming, to consider a rival's product and have many of them put money down on their rival's hardware instead? All that, just so they can come out and say it was all a big ruse to get one over on Sony?

FFS, they can't even get their basic messaging right for months on end, and you believe in this secret squirrel spies and lies stuff? If I didn't know better I'd think you might just be doing all this for the attention.

SniperControl1620d ago


You make alot of sense.

I would understand if MS is under a NDA and not allowed to discuss anything AMD with the outside world, but surely with holding this mythical GPU from the devs until the NDA runs out is kinda dumb thinking from alot of people.

The hardware for the X1 has been in dev kits for over a year now and devs have been working bloody hard to get games out for launch.

There is no way in hell MS would withhold a crucial bit of tech from devs this late in the launch window.

Besides, people seem to be forgeting MS's own Hotchips presentation stating a 1.31TF GPU.

wtopez1619d ago

You guys know that this has nothing to do with consoles, right? Unless the consoles have a PCI-E expansion slot that we haven't heard of, this literally has nothing to do with that 2nd GPU nonsense. This is the reveal of AMD's new line of GPUs for PC.

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i3eyond the Circle1620d ago

240w PSU for X1 some new news....but yeah MorePower I've been privy to some sensitive info for some time now. I don't like talking much about it tho because I'm no engineer and on this site its a lost cause.

Some feelings will be painfully hurt soon.

Kojima showcases only on things he finds superior....

Quantum Break can't be shown not because they have nothing to show but because it graphically is so advance it would cause too many questions regarding X1 hardware.

SniperControl1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

@i3eyond the Circle


Thats why Koj is demoing MGS5 at TGS during Sony's show.

DoesUs1620d ago

"because it graphically is so advance it would cause too many questions regarding X1 hardware."

The most batsh!t thing i've ever heard!

Animal Mutha 761620d ago

If you are privy to sensitive info then spill the beans man! or don't mention it at all.

You can't be identified. PM me :-) I'm just very interested in whats going on because something is...

morphx3me1620d ago

Pff Hahaha

X1 hardware is so advanced and that's why it can't run KI in 1080p

B-radical1620d ago

The 240w psu is interesting but don't expect a dual gpu aha while i think there hiding something about there gpu its deff not a dual one

MRMagoo1231620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

In all honesty they cant be hiding much , look at the recent news about there games 900p for Ryse and barely hitting 30fps, KI having things removed to make sure it can hold 60fps at 720p , and DR3 having troubles holding any kind of decent framerate at all.

If there is some super powered gpu in there or something to make the Xbone as good as the ps4 they must be hiding it from everyone including the Devs which is logically stupid and i doubt any company would gimp there launch games that much to keep a secret. There isnt even proof that an NDA exists in the first place, the only person to suggest any of this crap is that stupid Misterx guy which if he where a horse in a race you would not put $1 on for a last place finish,the guy has not been right once ever.

Anyone getting some idea of hope for these rumors to be true are just fooling themselves but i guess its only a few days away for them all to shut up about it all. (not pointing that at you Bradical)

At least its only till the 25th now that we need to keep hearing about this crap tho because IF there was some NDA which there isnt it would be off on the 25th because other wise AMD wouldnt be allowed to do this.

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duplissi1620d ago

I love how everyone in here is off topic...

This article is about the upcoming announcement and specs of AMD's next flagship card, which if it is not a disappointment will be my next gpu, otherwise I am going with a gtx 780.

wtopez1619d ago

Look! Above me! Someone who actually knows what the hell they're talking about!

Parasyte1620d ago

Possibly faster than the Titan? Possibly releasing for around $600?! Color me interested!