Is OUYA Still Relevant?

The OUYA has had a tough job the last couple months. Maybe it wasn't the shining knight to take down the Big Three console-makers after all.

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DJMarty1828d ago

Still, Ouya was never relevant:)

zeal0us1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

It was relevant, back in 2012 when the kickstarter started but when consoles were announced and revealed, it lost what relevancy it had. The X1's and PS4's ability to allow indie developers to self publish killed on Ouya strongest points(other than emulation).

When the PS4 and X1 are release I don't see anyone giving Ouya any attention. Most of the Indie developers will move to next gen platforms because there would be a better chance than 37%(percentage of Ouya owners that actually paid for games) of people playing their game. Right now the only reason they're getting any attention is because the fiasco with the Free games fund that caused quite a few kickstarters to get canned.

Ouya Inc won't be around for long;their days are numbered.

Eonjay1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

Ouya died the moment that Sony announced the $99 VTV. There is no way for Ouya to compete with a console with such an extensive category of games and media options at the same price point.

HardcoreGamer1827d ago

dude it better keep selling. otherwise it means xbox one is not even selling near to Ouya, isnt this bad for xbox one?

Nerdmaster1827d ago

I could never understand all the talk about it when it was revealed. It was always so obvious that it would fail...

The same thing with Kinect or PlayStation Home. There are somethings that I just don't understand why people get so excited about and those things usually fail.

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XboxFun1828d ago

It has a touchpad controller too? Interesting....

Einhert1827d ago

There was no need for it when PCs and smart phones could play all the games they were trying to make for it.

All in all an Ouya was about as useful as a hair dryer with skype.

g-nome1827d ago

Not so sure I would want one if it was for free.

harrisk9541827d ago

So, you are saying that you wouldn't take one for FREE?? Seriously, Dude? A little bit of hyperbole there?

Nerdmaster1827d ago

I'd only want one for free if there was someone interested in buying from me so I could get rid of it ASAP. But I don't know any living soul who wants one...

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The story is too old to be commented.