Sony: PS3 will not be forgotten when PS4 launches

GameZone writes, "Sony has maintained that the PlayStation 3 will have a 10-year lifecycle -- at least. Like the PS2 before it, which continues to sell actually, the PS3 will not be forgotten about with the launch of the PlayStation 4."

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Majin-vegeta1643d ago

Did they abandon the PS1 when the PS2 arrived or the PS2 when the PS3 arrived??NO,Come on this Sony we're talking about they're all about supporting thier machines.

Brazz1643d ago

yup. Sony can clain this, they support their "last gen machines"! something that Microsoft never did... shame on ya Bill...

ZHZ901643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

One of the reasons why I am also getting PS4.

If you've seen X1 exclusives like Ryse and DR3 were supposed to be on X360 not X1 but MS made desicion for these games to be on X1 instead of which they were supposed to be on X360.

If Sony did same as MS did about this, we would've seen games for examples like TLOU, GoW Ascension, GT6, R&C Nexus and Beyond Two Souls on PS4 instead of PS3.
Which is great for me to become PS4 owner.

cell9891643d ago

Great point you bring out, very much the truth

CRAIG6671643d ago

They may not forget it, but I will....

come_bom1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Well ... they abandoned the PSP.

As for the PS3, I don't see any PS3 exclusive made by Sony, announced for 2014, worth mentioning.

Skips1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

If we aren't including all the 3rd party exclusives on PS3 (Which is a boat load)...

Retail PS3 exclusives published by Sony in 2013:
Sly 4 (Not 1st party)
Gow Ascension
The Last Of Us
Beyond Two Souls (Not 1st party)
Gran Turismo 6
Until Dawn
Ratchet & Clank Into The Nexus (Not 1st party)

Retail 360 exclusives published by MS in 2013:
Gears Of War Judgement (Not 1st party)

Retail 360 exclusives published by MS in 2014:
Fable HD (Delayed, supposed to be 2013)

lol... Compared to the competition, I think they're good.

come_bom1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

I'm not talking about the competition and I said 2014 !!!!

LOL. So many disagrees!!! Fanboys are Pathetic. Someone tell me one or two games announced for 2014, made by Sony for the PS3, worth mentioning?

Hicken1642d ago

So the only games that count are the ones that YOU say count? That sounds typical.

come_bom1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

Are you drunk ? What the hell are you talking about ?

Sony said that the PS3 will not be forgotten, then I implied that Sony has NO (nothing, nada) exclusives made by Sony to release in 2014 for the PS3!

So please inform me. What games is Sony making for the PS3 to release in 2014? If they have any, they haven't announced them.

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TheFutureIsBlue1642d ago

Yeah, they would be stupid to abandon it. See how long they supported the PS2 and how much it still sold after all these years? Smart move, Sony!

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EXVirtual1643d ago

Nice to know! My PS3 and PS4 are gonna look so sexy next to each other.

TheDarpaChief1643d ago

Obviously gta 5 and dark souls 2 are on it!

Harkins17211643d ago

Sony you seriously need to help Square-Enix with FFXV. And my backlog for PS3 is huge. thank god it wont be forgotten.

Silly gameAr1643d ago

My backlog is huge too, plus there are still games coming out that I need to get like Beyond. I'll be playing PS3 long after I have my PS4.

EXVirtual1643d ago

That would be pretty damn cool. Maybe they are helping. Nomura is having a Conversation with creators interview with Nomura about the game so maybe they are. I just dunno when it is. Do you? If so could you tell me?
On topic again, Sony is getting a lot of exclusives for the PS3. Tales of Xillia, Ratchet and Clank into The Nexus, KH 1.5 HD Remix, Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, Tales of Xillia 2... hot damn.

Harkins17211642d ago

The convo with creators is suppose to be at TGS. Which is happening tonight at 9:30EST. Could be today or in the next few days. Im sure we will see it. But hot damn. Nomura said FFXV would be at every major gaming event from now on. In comes TGS 2013 and NOPE! Lame...But you are right so many exclusives! Cant wait for Ps4!

thelaughingwiseman1643d ago

There are still games to be played. And I wouldn't mind seeing that 500 GB at 150 dollars at one point!

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