Queen and Green Day will be in Rocksmith 2014

In what was thought to be reserved only for BandFuse, new songs for Rocksmith 2014 have been found out by way of a trailer at Tokyo Game Show. Those two songs are as follows:

Green Day – “X-Kid”
Queen – “We Are the Champions”

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pop-voxuli1735d ago

Wow thats awesome!!! To bad nobody's played any of these games in 2 years.

ThatArtGuy1735d ago

Rocksmith came out last year, and was awesome! Real guitar, not plastic.

toymachinesh1735d ago

1.5 million people say otherwise

CaptainYesterday1734d ago

You are very wrong tons of people love this game I play it everyday.

pop-voxuli1735d ago

Sorry guys but there's a reason even places like the Goodwill & Salvation Army thrift stores wont even accept Guitar Hero accessories any more.

toymachinesh1734d ago

Are you purposely being ignorant to what this game is?

pop-voxuli1734d ago

Not at all, im simply stating the fact that guitar games are and have been DEAD for quite some time now. I mean when even Activision stops beating it you know the horse is dead.

toymachinesh1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

... The only peripheral involved in this game is an USB -> 1/4 inch adaptor. This is a music education "game" not the plastic instrument "dead" genre that has been over since 2010

jocomat91731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Rocksmith is here to stay as long as people passion for music and guitar grows.