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"Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs stands on its own as a relatively boring experience that few will be able to sit through to completion. If you don’t mind a slow place, few scares, and enjoy throwing money away on games you will never finish, then maybe you will be able to find enough enjoyment out of A Machine for Pigs to justify a purchase. Regardless, A Machine for Pigs is undeserving of the Amnesia namesake. If you want to play a true horror game, download the original, not this swine." - Dustin Triplett of Geekenstein

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mep691762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

Not going to open this as I can see they've played the game for all the wrong reasons. All they wanted was the same game again in a different setting.
It's true that the game isn't as scary as the Original. But it does have a few suspense moments where you need to run away or face being pulverized.
The atmosphere that this game delivers is nothing shorts of amazing. I found myself stuck in this game from start to finish, absorbing the brilliant world that TheChineseRoom had created. Unlike the first game (which I loved) I was able to carry on playing, in the original I could only conjure up the courage to play 20mins or so a night.
Please refrain yourselves from listening to negative reviews. The game, the story, the level design and the atmosphere are all amazing.