Are Video Games A “Public Health Problem”?

Dual Pixels - It’s been a while since I’ve written an editorial regarding any particular talking point within the video game industry, and usually it’s positive. Not today. Unfortunately I stumbled upon a ridiculous Fox News article series citing some astounding studies that conclude, violent video games are a “public health problem”. Although the term “violent video games” puts some video games into an extremely general group that under-minds their entire context we will use it for this article. Fox News is seemingly running a campaign against violent video games, as over the past several days many condescending videos and articles on their developers were made.

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BG115791832d ago

We could also blame society for turning games violent.
Who's to blame them?

GryestOfBluSkies1832d ago

according to the mainstream media... still video games. video games are the root of all evil since the beginning of time.

you do pose an excellent question tho.

Beastforlifenoob1832d ago

All murderers breathe air.
Air creates murderers.

The beautifully twisted and enstrained logic of what both FOX news and all the idots who belive video games makes murders or physicopaths etc etc

obelix011832d ago

Faux news I mean Fox news is behind this. Faux news. Does it even matter what a ridiculous bullshit news agency has to say?

fsfsxii1832d ago

"Are TV shows/ movies a public health problem"
I don't see that kind of an article.

Dead_Cell1832d ago

It's true.

The first caveman was found with a crushed ribcage, indicating he was killed by another caveman simulating Gran Theft Mammoth.

Video games are evil.

Regis1832d ago

Thank for the lols I can now get through my classes today. Oh crap teacher got to go.

Beastforlifenoob1832d ago

dont forget

Call of Neanderthals
Rock effect.
Rockfield 4
Neanderthal hunt 2
Unrocked 3: Neanderthals deception
Rocks creed 3
Rock raider
Rocks Row 4
Rockshock: Infinite
Dead rock 3
Mammoth Cry 3
God of Rock
Mammoth Gear solid
The elder rocks: SKYREEEM
Resistance: Fall of Neanderthal
Red Dead mamoth

And many more of these "evil murder simulators"

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