GTA V now biggest UK game launch ever

GTA V has been dominating the headlines this week, and here's another one: The game is now the UK's fastest selling title in history. GTA V sold over 1.57 million units on its first day, according to GfK Chart-Track, and generated revenues of £65 million across the PS3 and Xbox 360 releases.

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GraveLord1737d ago

Hurry up and deliver my copy! Stupid Amazon :(

Gasian1737d ago

Rockstargames, bringing hope to the gaming industry one step at a time. :)

cyhm31121737d ago

GTA V success will bring Bully2, red dead 2, manhunt 3 to the table

pompombrum1737d ago

I just hope they make enough money out of it to justify their huge budget and allow them to go forward and create something even better for the next gen consoles.

SirBradders1737d ago

If they have generated £65 million in just the uk alone and its only been out a couple days factor in the rest of the world im pretty sure they would have atleast broke even by the end of the week.