How Will The Playstation 4 Win the Console War

Well, if you are an Xbox fan then please turn away because you will not want to read this, unless your thinking twice. Here is why CoinPixels think's the PS4 will win the console war.

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black0o1829d ago

at this point there's no need for this kinda of opinions we need hands on and reviews

Godmars2901829d ago

Accessibility and diversity hopefully. People will buy more than FPS and devs will realize that.

MotoDot1829d ago

Best AAA games , powerful , cheaper, PS+ and the crazy amount of Free games they give you ! Greatness awaits

McDaygo1829d ago

The only thing that you can't deny helps the PS4 is it being $100 cheaper. I think the PS3 had way "more" on the 360 than the PS4 has on the Xbone, but it was way more expensive. I really think the price is what Sony learned their lesson on the most. I didn't buy a PS3 when it first came out because of it.

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The story is too old to be commented.