Dream Machine 2013: Back to the Future

Maximum PC: There’s an old saying that we stand on the shoulders of our predecessors, because without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Sure, sometimes you may want to throw the CPU out with the liquid-cooling water, and shrink everything into a proprietary PC shaped like a garbage can, but that pays absolutely no respect to our past.

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UltimateMaster1829d ago

I'm just going to wait until it becomes 400$.

I'd rather have a 16k$ car than a 16k$ desktop.

SegaGamer1829d ago

What would be the point spending that much money on a PC when you can do barely anything more than what i can do on mine which cost £200 ?

ChickeyCantor1829d ago

It's about computation power. It's not about opening the same application. It's about doing things faster.

UltimateMaster1829d ago

I'd rather have a car and a down payment on a house!

ChickeyCantor1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )


What is your point? That YOU don't have the money for it?

What does that have to do with anything?

It's about an idealistic powerhouse to the person in that blog.

level 3601829d ago

Unless you're that sort of person with delusional visions of grandeur, sure go ahead and be totally wasteful.

I sure wouldn't spend 16,000 of my hard earned cash on a crap like that.

UltimateMaster1829d ago

First buyer, Bill Gates.