Nintendo 3DS Rules September With Monster Hunter 4 in Japan, Next Month With Pokemon

With Monster Hunter 4 breaking sales records this week, moving so much Nintendo 3DS handhelds in Japan, expect the game to be on top at least for this month.

Until the next generation of Pokemon games, Pokemon X and Y, releases next month.

With these two games, the 3DS is sure to rule the charts. And with the PS4 and Xbox One beyond the horizon, Nintendo remains king in Japan.

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Trunkz Jr1832d ago

Now they just gotta start releasing big for Wii U

LOL_WUT1832d ago

Wind Waker should be a good start let's hope Nintendo advertise the hell out of the rest of their lineup ;)

wonderwall971832d ago

I like to believe that. But isn't the Wind Waker was not a big-seller when it was first released in the Gamecube?

wonderwall971832d ago

I don't think I like the idea of that >.<

thomasmiller1832d ago

So much for nintendo is doomed, the wii u will pick up, zelda and mario 3d and donkey kong are on their way!!

Venox20081832d ago

i really hope so, i love wii u, but those sales hurt, especially when its a good console

wonderwall971832d ago

Yes. I do hope the Wii U finally get its traction. It won't happen now, especially now that MS and Sony are on the verge of releasing their consoles.

wonderwall971832d ago

Not to mention Smash and Mario Kart.

1832d ago