GamesBeat: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD makes a masterpiece even better (review)

The Wind Waker was a great game. in 2013, it still is. It’s charming world, excellent design, and beautiful art have helped make it an ageless adventure that stands as the pinnacle of its franchise. This HD version not only makes everything look sharper than before, but the new additions and features make for an even more enjoyable experience without tarnishing the spirit the original. Simply put, The Wind Waker HD makes one of Nintendo’s greatest games even better.

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Sadie21001792d ago

I'm torn -- would love to check this out, but man, this is the wrong time to bring this out. I don't get why Nintendo does this (same with Metroid Prime Trilogy): bring out great remakes when we have fall releases to play!

barefootgamer1792d ago

This looks adorable! I never played Wind Waker. Too bad there's no 3DS version. :(

Neonridr1792d ago

yes but you get A Link Between Worlds soon enough. Another Zelda game I can't wait to play.

Sadie21001792d ago

Yeah, what Neonridr said. You might as well play a new Zelda game on 3DS. :)

deantak1792d ago

HD reruns are fashionable.

darkronin2291792d ago

Will definitely have to grab this when I get a Wii U.

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