My Indifference To GTA V

Ash writes: "The biggest game of the year was released yesterday in the form of Grand Theft Auto 5. However, I really haven’t been able to get myself excited about. Left and right through nearly every conceivable media stream I have been inundated with marketing spiel and hype inducing communications."

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ZBlacktt1766d ago

"Saying that, I did hold back on preordering a PS4 too…"

Have you even pre order a PS4? If not, you could be getting burnt out on playing video games period. I happens to most. I've been at this for 35 years. There were some times along the way that yeah life took over and I wasn't gaming as much. So maybe take a break. Enjoy real outside life and come back when you feel like it. Make it enjoyable and not a chore.

byeGollum1766d ago

Michael Jackson: you are not alone

ZBlacktt1766d ago

Sony owned Michael Jackson and Michael Jackson owned a Sony.

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OhhWerd1765d ago

So Lukas is proud to never leave his parents basement? Go you

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Chapter111766d ago

I just never cared for the franchise myself. Don't like playing a villain "just for the fun of it." Spec Ops The Line made me think about playing the bad guy, GTA just gives me the impression that you're just supposed to have fun and that there is no message. Just not my kind of thing.