Techland COO on the pitfalls of developing for Xbox One and PS4

Examiner: "As the games industry makes the shift to next generation consoles, developers have already began to pinpoint the challenges of developing for the Xbox One and PS4. While large companies may be better prepared to tackle those trials, asset management becomes increasingly important. In an exclusive interview with Game On, Techland COO, Pawel Zawodny commented on how lapses can easily be made."

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RuleNumber51674d ago

I know devs are not talking about the next-gen dev costs, but just wait, it's going to come out that those have increased. I'm calling end of this year, beginning of next, when devs and pubs start talking about it.

HowarthsNJ1674d ago

Since start-up time is less on the PS4 then costs should be lower.

mewhy321674d ago

Let's hope that the PS4 multi release games don't get dumbed down because of the lowest common denominator syndrome. The lowest common denominator being the bone. I explained that one for you Regis. Let's hope that the PS4 releases don't fall victim to the lowest common denominator syndrome.

P0werVR1673d ago


Dude what are you on about this "lowest common denominator"?!

...I don't usually call people names, but SHUT UP!

You didn't even bother to read the article. Which makes your comment useless and makes you look like an ass.

EXVirtual1674d ago

'Optimization is something that is going to take developers a while to master, and within years we will see them starting to reach the optimal potential of next-gen consoles'
I watched RTU's sub HD video today and he said that they're already getting tapped out. I don't think this gen will last for 10 years, but I also don't think the true power of the PS4 will start being used until 2 years down the line. Just because it has an x86 architecture, it doesn't mean that there's nothing else to it.

P0werVR1673d ago

Coding is more likely the issue. But yes, x86 architecture can be a significant factor in speeding up game development.

MilkMan1674d ago

one pitfall I can think of is, well, their isn't a big consumer base just yet. New hardware releases live in a funny place. To truly come into their own they need to not be sharing space with their last gen cousins.