Why Grand Theft Auto V Should Be Your First Grand Theft Auto Game

Never bought a Grand Theft Auto game? Doesn’t matter, for Grand Theft Auto V is a game for newcomers and old-timers alike.

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Speed-Racer1830d ago

CAN NOT wait to play this.

3-4-51830d ago

Go get it now. It's worth it.

The missions are interesting, the story is good, it's fun, tons of cool cars, city is beautiful, music is really good, characters are likeable.

There is so much to do, you don't just have to create havoc and destruction.

mcroddi1830d ago

It is the best playing one yet, so that makes sense...

byeGollum1830d ago

gta-4 left a bad taste. . I ain't fallin' for this hype ^_^.

but smeagol. . GTAV is the precious. .
no no no. . the hobbitses tricked us. . they want the precious for themselves. .

iRocket1830d ago

I haven't played the earlier GTA's, as I was a little kid back then, and my parents were pretty strict about the game restrictions (good parenting, ho!). Though sometimes I visited my friends who had San Andreas or Vice City. But now that I can actually get these games, I could get this one. There's just so much cool stuff to do! I'll just be waiting for the PC version to release.

Speed-Racer1830d ago

Yup, even though I've played GTA from inception, Vice City really sold it for me. I really felt like I was living that Miami life back then.

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