'The Division' has an important story and crafting system discussed by Ubisoft

One of the most intriguing franchises that is due to hit sometime next year has got to be The Division from Ubisoft, and today we learned some more interesting details about the game's story.

Today, The Division's game director Ryan Bernard discussed the title's story and how it will be fitting into the open-world that incorporates major elements of multiplayer.

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XboxFun1766d ago

Getting more and more intrigued by this game every time I read about it.

Might have to splurge extra and pick this up for the Xbox One.

dragon821766d ago

This is one of my most anticipated games so far for next gen.

Gozer1766d ago

IMO this is the only next-gen title so far that looks as good as Ryse.

medman1765d ago

Get your eyes checked.

Software_Lover1766d ago


OMG, I dont know whether to cry tears of joy or pain. I can never do crafting right. I never quite figured it out in Global Agenda at all.

P0werVR1766d ago

I would like to call these MO games (Multiplayer Online).

MO FPS (Destiny)

MO action-adventure (The Division)

MO RPG (Fable Legends)

Regis1766d ago

The Division more like MO action-adventure-shooter

bahabeast1766d ago

next gen will take hours and days and months of my life away from me, i love open world games and ill like to try them all out.

denawayne1766d ago

This game looks sick. Can't wait.

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