MTV- 'Batman: Arkham Origins'' Bosses Are Like Final Exams... But With Way More Punching

MTV:Not too long ago I was invited to check out some of the Warner Brothers' newest on the Dark Knight and was left feeling with a warm, tingly feeling that has me even more pumped than before. While many might might have grimaced at Rocksteady's departure from the series they created (I'm just as guilty here folks) rest assured that Batman is indeed in good hands and "Origins" is shaping up to be a another knockout for the seasoned franchise.

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NukaCola1679d ago

Looking forward to this and even more so Arkham Origins Blackgate which looks so awesome on Vita.

thomasmiller1679d ago

I cannot wait for this to come to the wii u! the first one was great!!

pr0t0typeknuckles1679d ago

Ill wait to see,the bosses in the past games kind of felt meh to me,they were to easy