Warframe on PS4 Developer Q&A

Ryan Clements // Social Media Specialist writes:

When you read the word “ninja,” what comes to mind? Exotic weaponry? Stealth and cunning? How about space-faring exo-armor and earth-shaking spells? These images all fit perfectly into Warframe, a fast-paced, third-person action game launching with PS4 on November 15th. We wanted to know more about this free-to-play, multiplayer suite, so we sent some questions over to Digital Extremes to get a better grasp on the world of Warframe.

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mewhy321833d ago ShowReplies(4)
GodGinrai1833d ago

I played it on PC. I honestly dont see what the fuss is about with this game. looks nice thanks to my 560TI OC, but that is about all I can really say that I liked about this game.

I am happy to debate this while playing in game chat. Of course that means I have to download it again. my steam tag is leaderone77

dantesparda1833d ago

Im with you, i have it on my laptop and it runs nicely (around 60fps) at 1366x768 with every thing at its highest, and my laptop only has NVS 5200M but i dont really like the game either. Its not a terrible game, its just bland, plain, nothing to exciting. But I've never seen the intro, is that realtime? if so that's pretty good.

cleft51833d ago

The thing is that a lot of folks like myself don't have the best computers or laptops setup for running PC games like Warframe or Planetside 2. Because of this it is a really big deal that we are going to get to play the game on high to max settings, with a nice smooth framerate on the PS4.

This same thing is true of other free to play games like Planetside 2 and Blacklight. Certainly, I can understand that for someone with a nice enough rig this is no big deal to you all, but for a lot of other folk this is a really big deal. Warframe is a really pretty game, with lots of particles effects and that is exactly what someone wants to play to show off the PS4 capabilities.

slinky1234561833d ago

It's F2P. All free games are nice to have. Especially when the PS4 is launching with 5 of them.

spicelicka1833d ago

I really like the art style and character design of this game, its unique. It would've been interesting to see a story mode.

MotoDot1833d ago

I played this game on PC , you can find videos in Youtube it's so good