Opinion: The secret reason so many people love Grand Theft Auto

Polygon - "Why do so many people care so much about this particular game compared to the thousands of others?

It's a loaded question. To a total outsider, I imagine Grand Theft Auto 5 looks like just another game in which men shoot other men. To someone with minimal cultural context, it's the latest in a storied series of video games about doing drugs, killing cops and doing and killing prostitutes. There must be something more to Grand Theft Auto that attracts millions of people to spend $60, over seven times the price of an average movie ticket."

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Dlacy13g1793d ago

So I have immense appreciation for Rockstar in their ability to create good open worlds like GTA, and I think they are one of the best at delivering cinematic / movie like stories to a game.

That all said, I have to admit I don't care for the main characters of GTA 5. They just aren't likable to me. Its the same problem I had with Kayne & Lynch. I wanted the main characters to be killed instead of succeed.

So while I really am impressed by GTA 5 from a tech and polish standpoint...I don't think this games story will be held in high regard for me.

Ripsta7th1793d ago

Have u played it? All 3 stories are good and its not repetitive. Side missions are interesting also

Dlacy13g1793d ago

Yes been playing through it now. Its not that the stories, voice acting and delivery are bad at all...I actually think its all done very, very well. I just don't actually like who the characters are. Hopefully that makes sense.

oIITSBIIo1793d ago

Overrated game because people love it not because it it's good that's certain .

3-4-51793d ago

Been playing the heck out of this game since Midnight launch.

This game is by far MY Favorite GTA.

The city itself is beautiful to look at, it's designed intelligently and it's easy to get around.

Every other block has it's own personality and is unique, the amount of good cars is by far the most there has ever been.

The music is good, the story is the best in the series, by far, not even close.

The ability to change between players makes this play like 3 GTA games in one.

The driving is actually good and fun. There are only maybe 2-3 cars I've driven that are "adrcadey" and the rest drive somewhat similar to GTA4, but a bit more responsive.

Seriously though, this city at night is beautiful.