To an Outsider, GTA V Looks Pretty Good

The reasons why GTA V looks good to someone who isn't a big fan of the GTA franchise.

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hankmoody1644d ago

I'm a GTA veteran and the game looks just fine to me.

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loganbdh1644d ago

Had a friend who was In the gta series hardcore.... He hated gta 4 with a passion well he came over to my house as I was playing it,watched for like 3 mins asked me can he play I told him yeah ends up playing and loving it again.... He's been going to my house ever since Monday

Simco8761644d ago

Game is worth the $$$, and I only have 7% done.

SaffronCurse1643d ago

6 hours in and I'm at 8.5%. XD

iceman061643d ago

While the framerate has plenty of drops, as to be expected for such an ambitious title, the graphics are pretty damn good. The NPC have a level of detail that hadn't been seen in GTA. The world is huge, though there are giant chunks of woods and deserts, it's still daunting. I LOVE the way the water along the beach looks. That is pretty realistic. Even the draw distance is improved greatly. I don't see why someone, whether and insider or a layman, wouldn't find this game beautiful to look at.