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Guerilla Cambridge's killer game for the PlayStation Vita. A remarkably solid FPS for a handheld device. A game with gorgeous graphics, fluid gameplay, and a challenging multiplayer mode. Though the single player mode is awfully short, still and undoubtedly a must-own game for the Vita system.

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Dan_scruggs1704d ago

This really confuses me. This is probably the 10th time I've seen a review headline with "Vita's first killer game". How many first killer games can a system have? Or more importantly. How short are peoples memory's?

Lexanth1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

Well, it's true that we have seen too many titles being called the Vita's killer game or killer app, but none of them really maximizes the hardware's full potential and took advantage of its features. Until this game came out.

Stsonic1704d ago

I understand what you mean but you could say the same thing to a game on the PS3 like the last of us which has only just maximised the PS3's potential after 7 years.

SonyStyled1704d ago

i couldnt agree with you more. people seem to forget Uncharted Golden Abyss, Persona 4 Golden, LBP Vita Gravity Rush and although it wasnt as great as its console counterparts Assassins Creed Liberation. still worth picking a Vita up for. not to mention the numerous great indies on the PS Store

gamingisnotacrime1704d ago

now if only infamous vita would come out...

Lexanth1704d ago

Actually, if only Monster hunter 4 for Vita would come out..

prodg521704d ago

I think Vita needs a Ni No Kuni like platformer.

abusador1704d ago

Bs Vita has a good amount of killer games imo, wether ppl want to be fanboys or just have different tastes is on them. Uncharted was great (killer), Gravity Rush (killer), Soul Sacrifice (killer) and so on.

Ppl harp on about Monster hunters and so on but i could care less about tht franchise as its never done anything for me. Whats killer to you isnt killer to the next person, the same way GTA5 is ok but not the end all be all for me.

dcj05241704d ago

Gravity Rush was the game that got me to buy a VITA.

Lexanth1704d ago

Gravity Rush is a good game for what its worth. But were looking for a game that would be called the Vita savior. Killzone: Mercenary is just in time.

1704d ago