Facebreaker New Trailer

EA has released a new trailer from Facebreaker

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MrPink3814d ago

looks more like a wrestling game or something in this trailer. Was hoping for more of an old school "punsh out" fighting game.

ArmrdChaos3814d ago

Hmm...was waiting to see the 3D version of Bald Bull...heh. Which begs the question...why the hell hasn't Nintendo put out a 3D version of Punch Out? Do they still own the rights? I could be an interesting game with their motion controller...albeit tiring.

Trick Nolte3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

was hoping for this to be more along the lines of a nexgen Ready 2 Rumble but leave it to stupid EA to go absurdly over the top. O'well, guess this like DefJam icons but in a ring with Boxers doing the splits instead of rappers gettin busy. :(