PS3 Exclusive More! SoniComi Gets a Japanese Release Date, First Naughty Screenshots and Info

Kadokawa Games just released the first solid batch of screenshots and information about the PS3 exclusive More! SoniComi developed by Nitroplus and featuring popular and well endowed mascot character Super Sonico.

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bunt-custardly1766d ago

Those are some droopy boobs, at least it suggests they are real!

HelpfulGamer1766d ago

Boobs and Cuteness, sure have an effectiveness in selling games in japan.

GrandpaSnake1766d ago

those things look like footballs, damn too much nfl....

thelaughingwiseman1765d ago

They should start making new tags calling it PS3/4 Japan. I'm tired of getting excited for Japanese games and then realizing they aren't even localized. Although it is giving me incentive to learn a new language.