Wii Fit U Direct 9.18.2013

Nintendo show off the new Wii Fit U in a Nintendo Direct presentation.

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N4g_null1829d ago

Publishers better get ready... here comes the big numbers wow!

PopRocks3591829d ago

Personally I wish they would devote this to more than just this game. I read on NinteEverything that a new Wii Sports game with online multiplayer goes live on the eShop in November. That's a tad more enticing to me than Wii Fit U.

N4g_null1829d ago

True but development is still going strong. This will fix the sales problem so those games and ideas coming will have a pre built install customer base.

we wont see too much until the other consoles are set in have to remember they are playing high stakes poker with the other two. I also like how they show stuff you can buy pretty soon.

Jagsrock1829d ago

What's that? Updated wii sports with wii motionplus and online, Yes please!

N4g_null1829d ago

This direct needs to be played on every demo kiosk. The walking with with Google maps wii board integration wow that is going to be pretty cool... mugged joggers every where will rejoice!

LOL_WUT1829d ago

I think that Wii U fit meter was pretty cool might have to check it out and it's only $20 ;)

marloc_x1820d ago

Will be interesting to log activity and upload to our consoles. My balance board is ready..

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