EA, Wargaming and Peter Molyneux on the uncertain future of triple-A game development

EDGE: "Next week, Wargaming CEO Victor Kislyi, EA’s chief creative officer Richard Hilleman and 22cans’ Peter Molyneux will be among the speakers at DICE Europe in London, the event’s debut this side of the Atlantic. In a whitepaper released before the event, they each answered the question: Are triple-A games becoming untenable?"

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Hufandpuf1793d ago

Peter is very knowledgable. Really impressive answer.

gedden71793d ago

Developing Trip A titles had BAD BUSINESS WRITTEN ALL OVER IT... But I can't deny they are good for gamers as long as DLC and Microtransations aren't being abused and of course are good games.

Whenever a dev has to spend an insane amount of money to just make a game and then promote it w/o a guaranteed payoff to break even or make a profit, there will always be problems and uncertainty.

Nintendo was always smart to stay away from making all there games AAA.. I think Zelda and Metriod are the only ones and even they aren't as $$$ to make as GTA, Halo, Last of Us, games like that...

jmc88881793d ago

But they don't. Does anyone REALLY think that CoD needs to spend 50 million or so promoting EVERY release?

There's nothing wrong with AAA games, they just have to be smarter about it in these trying times AND push for the macro solution that impacts us all.

Though the REAL reason dev's money is being stretched thin is that this is the overall effect that occurs when Wall Street/City of London rule the world and not common sense or historic national laws.

The biggest issue is that $59.99 isn't worth $59.99 anymore, and every day it's worth less. Now it would be ok if they COULD raise prices....and normally they COULD...except, with Wall Street siphoning everything off like a vacuum squid what you should realize is....if wages don't prices can't rise. Wall Street has set up the world in such a moron way, and this is one small piece of blowback.

But we're far worse than that. Most of the world not only has stagnating wages, but also every day there is MORE unemployed.

That's why the gaming industry is doing bad. Wall Street. No Glass-Steagall, no economic rising wages...all equals NO GOOD FOR GAMES WITH MAJOR COSTS AKA AAA games.

People don't realize that games have gone from $35-40 during the 1980's for most NES games to $60 25 years later. Games used to be much more expensive. But when wages don't rise, things like video games can't raise their prices. So consequently when AAA games are made they have to hit on them and sell literally 10+ million to recoup costs.

In essence, wages and value of currencies are killing AAA, and insane marketing costs aren't helping.

jmc88881793d ago

An interesting side look would be since the ESRAM coding will most likely only be done relatively correctly with AAA devs, what happens if there aren't any AAA devs?

Because imagine the Xbox One and it's unfriendly coding setup having to rely on indies and mid-level devs making multiplatform games.