New York aiming to grow its development scene

GS:Senator Martin J. Golden, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick, and other industry members to hold panel discussions this week on how state can elevate its development business.

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NYC_Gamer1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

Its about time NYC start doing something game development wise and the city also need some type of gaming event like PAX

Pandamobile1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

New York City needs to actually have a sizable gaming industry first before they start hosting their own developer events.

For now, the biggest developer event on the East Coast is the Montreal International Game Summit.

N4g_null1829d ago

Lots of developers come from the new England area... did you know the guys from epic where from up north?

nyc has a crazy art scene and interactive art is big there.

Pandamobile1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

Yeah, but for a city of its size, it's pretty lacking in the games department.

Montreal is the main industry hub in the north east. It'd be great to see NYC grow though.

FullMetalTech1829d ago

Actually its a good idea for New York. Were already seeing a trend of music, movies and tv shows being produced here so another medium like game development can be a great revenue source for the city.