Here's the First Glimpse on the PlayStation Booth at Tokyo Game Show

Tokyo Game Show hasn't officially started yet, as there are still a few hours to wait before the floodgates spring open, and Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia published a few pictures of its booth, still under preparation.

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Xsilver1615d ago

Sony always has that lively feel at their booths.

mewhy321615d ago

Very open and inviting. I think that they're trying to match the design to their policies toward gamers and indie devs. Open and inviting.

GrandpaSnake1615d ago

At comic con they did well too, but this looks quiet a bit better, you could say they can snipe the competition with that booth.

black0o1615d ago

is me or PSvita has bigger booth thn ps3/4

snitch_puck1615d ago

Makes sense. Vita IS the main appetizer in TGS other than PS4 what with the release and hype of the Vita TV. That thing rocks. I want it.