'Project Spark' lays down 'Star Wars' tracks in latest demo

XMNR: Team Dakota laid down another Project Spark livestream on Tuesday to showcase some of the musical capabilities in the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows 8 PC game making game. Naturally, this takes a Star Wars tilt.

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Kayant1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Love the concept of this game. Will deficiently play people's levels when it comes to X360. Am not that imaginative to make my own :( :p

Bigpappy1641d ago

I want to use it with X1 for the better Kinect features and the faster more powerful system. 360 is to slow to fully utilize this playground.

MWong1641d ago

This is the main game I am looking forward to on XBone.

BallsEye1641d ago

And it's free! Cant wait to record my own animations voice and so on with Kinect. Will be a blast.

GiantEnemyCrab1641d ago

I'm hearing you can use the Kinect camera as a motion capture device as well. Cool stuff!

P0werVR1641d ago

Like a mini game studio...

BallsEye1641d ago

Yep. Full body motion, facial expressions and voice. They've released demo of that on the same youtube channel. Very responsive!

SuicideKing1641d ago

Pretty original looks like a lot of fun.

1OddWorld1641d ago

Don't hate but LBP let us do this last gen. Glad you all will have a creative outlet. LBP JustinBieber must Die is so awsome.

Loki861641d ago

Keep on trolling, this is far and beyond what LBP is capable of.

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