Grand Theft Auto V Is the Most Expensive Game Ever—and It’s Almost Obsolete

The release of Grand Theft Auto V yesterday brought to the forefront an apocalyptic scenario. The end-times theme isn’t part of the blockbuster video game’s setting, a fictionalized Los Angeles that’s havoc-filled but otherwise enduring. The apocalypse is part of the non-pixelated reality for gamers living through the final weeks in the eight-year reign of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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hankmoody1797d ago

Obsolete? I'm not getting rid of my Xbox 360 anytime soon, even if I am getting the Xbox One in two months!

GrizzliS19871797d ago

i still have gta5, ACIII, Bioshock infinite, farcry3, last of us, dead space 3, to name a few 0.0

not worried about next gen yet

hankmoody1797d ago

Dead Space 3 is pretty terrific if you ask me. The co-op is a blast. It's a shame that game was shunned the way it was.

vishmarx1797d ago

whats with these slaves...what is even the point of buying a nex gen rnow....first year for new hardware is always trash .not to mention the only next gen title so far im interested in is quantum break and infamous(and ffxv lol) .none are nowhere near would be stupid to sell your current console before fall next year earliest.

CocoWolfie1797d ago

yeah theres two months to buy this till next gen comes out and thats not stopping any one, people might not even go next gen, so id say its not going anywhere

Hellsvacancy1797d ago

I'm not buying a PS4 until i've completely finished with FFXHD and Dark Souls 2

So i'll have GTAV for a while yet, which leaves this article obsolete

jackanderson19851797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

ah yeah obsolete for the 60+ million users who won't immediately switch consoles

not to mention the ones that will buy next gen but not sell their current ones

tigertron1797d ago

I'll just double dip and get the PS4 version if I can transfer my PS3 stats over.

iheartSONY1797d ago

There is no PS4 version or any "Next-Gen" version. So there will be no double dipping for you.

tigertron1797d ago

Yeah, people also said they wouldn't announce/release next-gen consoles this year either.

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The story is too old to be commented.