Wind Waker, a Zelda Game Whose Time Has Finally Come | Wired

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker was ahead of its time. But like all such things, it took us a while to realize that.

Fortunately, Nintendo has recently revamped the 2003 GameCube classic for its new Wii U console; it will release Wind Waker HD digitally on September 20 and on disc on October 4. It’s a chance to discover (or relive) one of the company’s most visually stunning adventures, a cartoon-shaded world bursting with primary color and exaggerated emotions.

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jimsas1793d ago

Amazing .... Loved the original but somehow never managed to finish it back in the day. I cannot wait to re-discover it when the HD version hits the UK next month - October 4th Can't come soon enough :)

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