I Want To Play GTA V, Just Not Yet

Open world games are the ones that benefit the most from “more” of everything. It’s a foregone conclusion that there is going to be an improvement in performance.

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RVanner_1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

I am doing exactly the same. Just going to wait for the PC Port. Got plenty of Games to power through. However, I did get GTA V on PS3 and although it is impressive from a PS3 stand point I still can't help but not fully enjoy it because I know how much better it will look and perform on my PC. I know that may sound selfish and to some rediculous, I'm not an elitist, I love my PS3 and PC it is just the way I feel. With such a huge release I want to make sure I enjoy it at its peak I guess. Therefore I have a PS3 copy available if anyone wants....!

RVanner_1790d ago

Thinking about it I might just play it on both, Sod it, Why not

LOGICWINS1790d ago

Im waiting for the Gaikai or PS4 version so I can also play it on my Vita.

Ripsta7th1790d ago

Why ? Just play it , life is too short, one day here might be gone tomorrow, just enjoy it

ironfist921790d ago

Waiting for school to end in a few months before picking it up myself. I cant afford to spend my weeks on GTAV just now.

Plagasx1790d ago

I'm waiting for the inevitable PC version...

CaptainPunch1790d ago

I couldn't wait for a PC version, just going to settle for my PS3 version. Honestly the game plays and looks great, considering it's running off of 8 year old hardware.