A Visual Reminder Of How Far PlayStation 3 Games Have Come In Seven Years

Forbes - Yesterday, I wrote a post that featured before and after screenshots of both ancient and modern Xbox 360 games. The point was to show that at launch, most games on a new system aren't going to look great, and over time, developers learn to harness the power of the console better. The result is that in a few years, the same companies using the same base hardware end up making games that look practically twice as good as their old ones. It just takes time.

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yellowgerbil1762d ago

I wonder if this gen we will see a true circle

kizzle321762d ago

Is it really a revolution? Could it be that just more talented devs make the most of the system at anytime? Budget? Time to develop? I mean whats saying The Last of Us couldn't have been a launch title for the PS3 and it still look that good?

viveks861762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

Well ND released uncharted a year after ps3 launch and that was a far cry from the sequels or the last of us from a technical standpoint. Engines simply take a long time to mature, like any piece of software. Developers, no matter how good they are, will have to scramble towards launch, since the specs remain fluid until a few months before launch and the early dev kits are unstable as well. Too many unknowns and variables that devs need to get to grips with.

Inception1762d ago

"Could it be that just more talented devs make the most of the system at anytime?"

And there's also the possibility of talented devs (ND, Sucker Punch, etc) can created more amazing games because of amazing tools (PS3) compare to talented devs with limited tools. Just like a great carpenter or a great artist that can created amazing artworks with their best tools.

Ok, you can still be creative and produced an amazing product even though you don't have the best tools in your disposal. But there is more possibility if you have the best tools to channelize your idea.

gedden71762d ago

How dare you even mention a game like Madden??? "Visuals" aren't just images but also those same images in motion... And still til this day Madden's animation are sub par to this gen...

It renders in 60 fps but OMG those are STILL the most stiff, robotic, non detailed animations in football gaming...

2k All Pro Football Animation ARE STILL BETTER THAN THAT GAME..

This article is trash!

viveks861762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

Trash the article just because they highlighted Madden?? It's just an example (amongst many other valid ones) they want to highlight to show the evolution of visuals. And madden has improved since 2007. The animations may still suck, but that wasn't the point of the article.

cyguration1762d ago

Take your logic and leave it at the door viveks86... don't you see gedden7 is basking in his unfettered rage?

Look at the caps, look at those triple question marks, look at that exclamation point.

By Jove, let the man have his moment of rage!

viveks861762d ago


Haha! Oh well... Was trying to appeal to the rational person hidden somewhere in there. :D

gedden71762d ago

It was a HORRIBLE example lol