AMD To Live Webcast Next Generation Hawaii GPU ‘Volcanic Islands’ At GPU’14 Conference

It looks like AMD would be pulling the plug and would live webcast the GPU’14 product showcased of their next generation Hawaii GPU that is part of their upcoming ‘Volcanic Islands’ family. It was already confirmed that AMD would be announcing their Hawaii GPU in Hawaii on 25th September and now we have finally got an official conformation by AMD.

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Pain_Killer1710d ago

25th September can't come sooner. Can't wait to see what AMD has in line for their next generation products.

awi59511710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

Let me beat them to it.

OMG OMG Amd will never beat the titian Nvidia cards are the God's milk of heaven. I would gladly pay one million for one of their cards and it would be worth every penny lol.

wishingW3L1710d ago

technology man... PS4/XB1 coming out this year with an already outdated APU. ;(

deadfrag1709d ago

Wow its the dgpu some people are still waiting for the X1.Amazing and Volcanic!YOU PEOPLE KNOW IM BEEN SARCASTIC...RIGHT..!