GTA 5: PS3 Vs Xbox 360 Comparison Video

GTA 5 is undoubtedly the biggest game of the year, but some of you may be wondering about which version of the game to buy.

To help you pick between the PS3 or Xbox 360 version of GTA 5 NowGamer have compiled a video with very early sections of the game to compare with one another.

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Godmars2901794d ago

No difference that matters.

Walker1794d ago

Agreed but PS3 versin looks more solid !

husomc1794d ago

LOL PS3 got more facial hair :D

Spenok1794d ago

Which is weird... Why? Lol

gaelic_laoch1794d ago

Life will be soooooo much easier next gen when the PS4 aces all these comparison vids!

Ohlmay1794d ago

Umm the PC version will take a shit on the PS4 version.

gaelic_laoch1794d ago

Which PC will run it Low, Mid, Ultra? PC owners really are just a rag tag bunch of hardware owners packing different quality and types of kits!

Godmars2901794d ago

And still PC defenders will not comprehend that consoles have value and accessibility - well, accessibility - over "their" platform.

I mean the average consumer is neither going to waste time the time and effort it takes to build a high end rig, much less get an upgraded graphics card which costs as much if not more as a game console.

jjb19811794d ago

Then wipe its butt with an Xbox one.

husomc1794d ago

you mean the same way GTA4 shat on itself on the PC ?

sprinterboy1794d ago

What pc can play awesome games like tlou, killzone, uncharted, heavy rain just to name a few. That's what pc gamers don't get, yes pc is better graphically but none of these games I mentioned plays on a pc, if you have not played Sony exclusives you are not a true gamer.

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lonesoul651794d ago

Yes the PC will be much better than the next gen consoles. Yes the consoles are more accessible. There are WAY more high end PC users than you think their are because of the length of the current console generation hardware.
But they are a drop in bucket compared to overall console users. But look at your software sales...they are starting to catch up.

Truth is...if you are a high end PC gamer...the new consoles rarely impress, if at all. If you are not, then they are amazing machines. It's all about perspective.

gaelic_laoch1794d ago

Very Well Said!

"It's all about perspective."

Basically we would all love a Bugatti but reality is we need make due with what we have!

Boody-Bandit1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

I have a high end PC and I bought it for the very reason you mentioned. This console generation drug on too long, at least for me. So I went out 18 months ago and built a stout spec rig, at least 18 months ago it was, and I barely touch it any more.

I am running dual EVGA GTX 590 Classifieds on 3 46" micro bezel displays (Nvidia surround). It's quite the experience but I just prefer console gaming over PC gaming and a decade ago I was a mainstream PC gamer. I prefer the accessibility and just feel more connected to my friends on the consoles. That's also the biggest reason I prefer console gaming. I only have 2 friends that have gaming rigs and they too prefer consoles. Most gamers I personally know just want plug and play.

I prefer accessibility over more power.

Best thing about PC gaming? Steam

lonesoul651794d ago

Yup...nice positive comments guys and both great points. We are all on the same team and all platforms can benefit from each other.
I have an equal amount of friends on both PC and console now though my console friends have felt rather lonely as of late. But keep the peace guys! Both the X1 and PS$ are going to be great consoles and they will be good for PC gaming also. Nvidia will still push hard on the PC front and with the 8 core architecture of the consoles...this will be great for PC gamers too as devs push to use multi-core even further.

I'm personally excited for all of us...X1, PS4, and PC...the future is bright for gaming!

Ohlmay1794d ago

Both look identical... Pumped for the PC version, the game is beautiful.

gaelic_laoch1794d ago

Once your happy with a PS4 port by all means jump on the bandwagon!

jairusmonillas1794d ago

Don't forget guys, Rockstar used PS3 version for the trailer reveals. It's clearly the lead platform.

_QQ_1794d ago

is that all there is to it?

Software_Lover1794d ago

Unless you're playing them side by side......... Even then they look the same and run the same

Boody-Bandit1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

I will be doing that very thing tomorrow (running them side by side).

I will both versions in hand (1 borrowed) and a triple panel set up in my main gaming room. That's the only way to truly know for sure. Try it yourself in person. I have done this dozens of times over the past couple years and the differences are usually so negligible / miniscule it doesn't even matter. It's just something I like doing merely for curiosity sake.

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