IGN - The New PS Vita: Hands-On Impressions

IGN - Today, we were invited to Sony's Japanese headquarters, where we got an up-close-and-personal look at the all-new PlayStation Vita model.

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SaulGoodman1795d ago

Just bought an OLED Vita on EBay for $145 with 8 and 16g cards plus a case! First thing I'm doing is buying a year of PS+, downloading every Vita game out, especially Uncharted. Plus all those PS3 games too, all while playing GTAV, that I get later today hopefully, non stop. These two months are going to fly by. Then, it will be summer time I go outside! ;)

fsfsxii1794d ago

Hide it within the dozen of phones you have.

SaulGoodman1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Whaaaa? I have no idea what you mean! ;) I miss my "hello kitty" that was my favorite.

esemce1794d ago

The LCD screen will be no where near as good as the Amoled, that alone makes me never want to get the new vita.

ABizzel11794d ago

This is a good way for Sony to make money on the Vita since the price drop, but it's launching at the worst time possible, and Sony basically said please don't buy a Vita.

They should have launched this the Day of it's reveal, so people could get out and buy this. October 10th is only two days ahead of the Nintendo 2DS launch, and worse of all 2 days ahead of Pokemon. October 10th is a horrible release date for Sony, and now they'll have to wait until PS Vita TV to get the boost in sales they were looking for in Japan.

dcj05241794d ago

It should've been sooner like September 19th or 29th not freaking October 10th when there are 2-3 big 3ds games coming out and the 2DS is coming out.