More controversy haunts Ouya game fund

CVG: "Cash pulled after suspicious activity; Developer claims other devs are exploiting investment scheme."

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yellowgerbil1647d ago

I can't see how they ever thought this would work. It would obviously be exploited.

MilkMan1647d ago

It was done in good faith. Thats a little to much to ask of anyone these days.

yellowgerbil1647d ago

agree, but they should of thought it through better. Maybe not have it linked to kickstarter but instead have it be more traditional, like they pitch the idea for approvement from them directly.

MilkMan1647d ago

..and take a look at their actual books. Yeah kickstarter is great, but to easy to exploit. I agree.

zeal0us1647d ago

Why don't they either
-Announce publicly they're supporting the Kickstarter project before throwing money to it so that no suspicion is cast
-Email Kickstarter in ahead of time and say they plan on supporting a project
-Wait till the kickstarter is over and just give the developer the same amount his or her kickstart got.

SeraphimBlade1647d ago

Tasteless marketing? Poor finance decisions? Possible corruption?

Just like a big video game company! Ouya's growing up so fast, it brings a tear to my eye...

SaffronCurse1647d ago

Psvita TV- Final nail in the coffin.

hollabox1647d ago

Julie Uhrman can look kinda sexy depending the angle, and like a alien humanoid Star Trek characters in others. She probably lost weight since last year along with her commitment to developers.

modesign1647d ago

this is why i never crowd fund anything in the videogame industry,