Grand Theft Auto 5 Xbox 360 version suffering load screen issues, here's a fix

If you're suffering from issues on the Xbox 360 version of Grand Theft Auto 5, try this fix that Pixel Enemy has found.

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modesign1705d ago

i got a better fix, get the ps3 version.

Simco8761705d ago

Some people cannot afford to just go out and buy the PS3 and game. I'm happy for XBOX owners that this gen is coming to a close, but I'm sad they can't fully enjoy this game.

Bought mine on PS3 btw.

lonesoul651705d ago

the 360 version actually got a bit better rating...though my roomie has the ps3 version while I play on the 360...only difference I see is shadows are slightly better on the 360 and the vegetation uses a better shader. Other than that they frame rate dip in the same places and look and feel the same.

dolkrak1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

@lonesoul : rating doesn't mean anything, it's been reviewed by different entities, don't be silly.

PS3 is the superior version. Better framerate in tense situations, better ground textures, no loading / popin problems. The rest is the same.

Digital Foundry article showing PS3 version wins :

360 version is still good though, so no need to change. It's pretty close.

CrossingEden1705d ago

I haven't had any problems whatsoever with this game. So i'm enjoying it just as much as YOU and every other ps3 owner. -_-

jgrigs091704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

I haven't had a single issue on my 360. By the way PS3 version is having issue's as well.

BX811705d ago

I though we were supposed to install disc one and not disc two?

CustardTrout1704d ago

Install the install disc, bot the play disc

Funantic11705d ago

I have the 360 version and it plays perfect. No problems whatsoever. And my screen looks way better and detailed than the screenshots up here the other day. I don't know who's doing these articles but I think they're just flat out lying.

CustardTrout1704d ago

I can send you a couple screen grabs from emails with names blocked out; honestly though we're not that desperate for hits, and I can think of a way better lie...
My Xbox version runs fine but I'm not everyone.

Funantic11704d ago

Maybe they have the 2nd play disc installed when they shouldn't. I'm sure a few PS3s will have issues also, tho the majority will play just fine.

CustardTrout1704d ago

They're not, I'm sat with one of them now; just because you're upset over this doesn't mean it isn't true...

redcar1211704d ago

My game is fine what all this gibber gabber fools