PS4 & Xbox One 'Will Help PC Gaming'

According to AMD's Matt Skynner, the PS4 and Xbox One's PC-like architecture will boost PC gaming.

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mewhy321828d ago

It will help because now instead of holding back PC development to make games possible on the consoles, the devs can push farther and really start to take advantage of the PC capabilities. Lowest common denominator's real.

kataloni101828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

i agree with u... but PC gaming dosent need help now in this days.

Volkama1828d ago

Pc gaming absolutely needs help. Not because it's bad, just because it can be so much better if games aren't designed for ye olde consoles.

Not talking textures or particle effects here, but fundamental concepts and design decisions.

Ps4/One quality games, still with better textures and resolution etc.

Thehyph1828d ago

I agree with Volkama.

Two games back at the beginning of this console generation helped me come back after many years of heavy PC gaming. I'm talking about Rock Band and skate.

While one of these games is built to take advantage of the space you would typically find a console, the hold back on the other is that it was designed specifically for analog sticks on a gamepad. Perfectly doable on PC.

PC excels in many fields, but there are still some console experiences yet to be had on there.

Maybe this is the generation where they feed off of each other. I mean, I was playing counter strike on dedicated servers and using a party voice chat 10 years ago, and it all worked perfect then.

I can't see anything but benefits for PC and console working on the same architecture, especially if PC-only devs port their games to console. It's easier than ever to do, and they'll make money for doing it.

SITH1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

Yep, and the help will be temporary given PCs are constantly improving. Your console is what you have from day one to the last day it is made. Chips internally may improve with smaller less power and heat requirements, but the CPU, GPU, and memory will be the same.

cyguration1828d ago

AMD, those are fighting words.

Flamesuit 3.0 equipped.

Imonaboat11828d ago

Its the wii u that is holding the pc back further. Releasing a current gen console in 2013 is unforgiveable. They are encourging weak hardware development

1827d ago
EXVirtual1828d ago

I don't really care for the PC, but they're gamers as well and they do deserve multiplatform games like the Division. Is that on PC? It should be.
Either way, all the best to PC gamers for this next gen. They might not get all the games, but hey, the more the better.

Mr Tretton1828d ago

Yes, The Division will be on PC.

byeGollum1828d ago

Everybody wins :) all similar architectures. .

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The story is too old to be commented.