Microsoft to Develop More TV Programs as It Readies Xbox One

Microsoft is said to be looking into a potentially vast number of TV offerings for the Xbox One, Microsoft Studios head Phil Spencer told Bloomberg at TGS this week.

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Mystogan1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

They better come up with Breaking Bad(never watched it but I know its good from what I'm hearing, The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones level shiitt.

I hear that Heroes might return as an X1 exclusive. That's a great start. The first Heroes was awesome and was definitely on par with the current hits.

Godmars2901768d ago

One, Heroes fizzled out around the second season. And if it comes back will very likely use different actors, may as well be a whole different show.

Second, for such an idea to work, MS using the lure of a great show to get people to buy an XB1, the XB1 itself must be accessible on the level of a cable network. And a $500 game system - a game system which requires a paid subscription whether your preference is online games or not - is nowhere close to the level of a cable network.

theWB271768d ago

You just wanted to throw that dig in there about needing cable. Well, you wouldn't need a cable box in order to receive Microsoft content. I'm pretty sure it will be streamed to the X1.

So if they did start to deliver great content, it would be accessible without any other hardware.

The only people who have a problem with Live are the people who constantly takes digs at it. As we've seen, even with everything behind a paywall, it's been hugely successful.

So successful Sony decided to put the most important part of gaming behind the paywall...MP.

I highly doubt someone's going to buy a PS4 to watch Netflix.

Eonjay1768d ago

I don't understand them making their own shows when one of the features is related to plugging in a cable box or satellite receiver. Are the Microsoft produced shows free or do you have to subscribe to them?

Mystogan1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Why are you here? Do you not have anything better to do?

Fine, I'll play with you.

One, That is an opinion. Maybe the new actors are better and its set in the same universe, with cameos from the original cast. There are still some mysteries to solve from the original show.

Second, Who cares? I'm a gamer, who likes to watch TV shows, Like many of us,Don't tell me you never saw breaking bad,walking dead or game of thrones.

This only makes buying the X1 that much sweeter for us who like to watch TV shows too.


It will be streamed to Xbox Live Gold members.

CRAIG6671768d ago

@Godmars290 the idea isn't to sell X1 solely as a TV product, incase you hadn't heard it is capable of doing other things too...

Maddens Raiders1768d ago

"Microsoft to Develop More TV Programs as It Readies Xbox One". no, no, no.

MS News: Develops more TV shows,

Sony News: Develops more games.

The takeaway: get in where you fit in.

Godmars2901768d ago

You're not getting what I said in regards to cable and the shows MS plans to offer on the XB1. Only taking it as a dig.

While they're going to be great "rewards" for gamers into shows such as heroes, they're not going to be appealing enough to fans of the show Heroes to go out and buy an XB1. Those people will either wait for syndication or torrent them.

As for people not having a problem with paying for Live and other services, I'll just go to my goto example of Netflix. Which MS had exclusive for XBL for months, yet the PS3 became the #1 platform to use it. And that's with the 360 having over a 20 million unit lead over the other console.

So no, no one is going to buy a PS4 just to watch Netflix or use whatever Viacom deal entails. But then that's exactly what I'm saying about Heroes and XB1: no one is buying the console *JUST* to watch that show.

So they've already cast the show? Announced the actors and some episode plots? Gone into production?

theWB271768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

But they aren't trying to market that show in order to sell X1's. That's what the NFL deal is for...the integration of your cable box.

This is content for the people who have an X1. Same as Sony..they aren't using this to sell systems...they're providing extra content.

I just find it funny people try to spin this as Micro using this to sell systems when it's been pretty clear since the reveal they've only been about games.

About Netflix...I contributed to PS3 having more viewers than the 360. The interface was miles better on the PS3. I'm there were a ton of multi console owners just like me who did the same. I used my PS3 as my media hub.

Xsilver1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Xbox ONE
500 dollars for a console that can do what my smart TV already does yeah thats pretty justifiable and not to mention the apps on my TV aren't behind a paywall.
ill take the PS4 for $400 BOB

joeorc1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )


"So successful Sony decided to put the most important part of gaming behind the paywall...MP."

there you go again, that is not 100% true.

Question: can you still play online multi-player Games on the PS4 without the need for playstation+ requirement? its a very simple freaking Answer, and that is "Yes you still can".

So No Sony did not put ALL MP "behind the paywall"

but yet that is what many in a certain camp try to claim to put at a negative toward Sony's ps4.

and certain fanbase as a way to count toward that certain fanbase as having hypocrisy, when the true fact is both sides have matter's of hypocrisy and its better to not toss out stones from a glass house there sparky.


"I love how the Sony 100% faithful have swept the whole multiplayer gaming pay wall under the rug. It's hilarious really you can't dig on the Xbox one for that anymore so into the next discrepancy."

And yet, i can still play "online multi-player" games on the PS4 without the need for or requirement of playstation +

So once again it's not being swept under the rug, because there is no need to sweep it under the rug, not all online Multi-player games on the PS4 is needing a gaming pay wall!

theWB271768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

I know F2P aren't under the MP. I'm sorry though...

Call of Duty
Potential blockbuster games like The Division, Destiny.

Call me crazy but those F2P games aren't on the same level as the few I named. It may be a trump card for you to proclaim "not ALL games" but 2 of the most popular shooters in the industry are behind that wall..on top of that their own franchise Killzone.

XboxFun1768d ago


Hey Joe, Can you play Killzone 4, the biggest game in pre-orders for the PS4 in front of the paywall?

How about the highly anticipated Destiny?

What about the equally anticipated BF4?

I love your extreme push in trying to act like theirs this huge choice in MP games for the PS4 that are not behind the pay wall.

But guess what, sooner or later you will hit a pay wall with those F2P games. This is how they work, just like DCU Online, This is how F2P games get their money. They either give you a level cap or offer better gear and equipment to payers. So please stop coming off as if these games are absolutely free forever. Because sooner or later they will try and nickel and dime you.

JokesOnYou1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

pffft I got a secret my cell phone can do more than make phone calls, its called a Galaxy S4 made by Samsung. These guys must practice black magic because somehow I'm using it right now to type this on the internet. I can take pictures and do all sorts of devilish acts a cell phone shouldn't be able to tell me that doesn't blow your mind.

P0werVR1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )


You fellas up there are ridiculous.

They were talking more TV programs with gaming content like the one Spielberg is making with Halo universe. And Microsoft is claiming they're going to make content like it.

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EasilyTheBest1768d ago

Who wants to bet there will be a new X1 next year with No Blu ray drive and no HDMI input.
It will be a cable box for TV and games that will be downloadable.

Yep sounds a defo.

Iltapalanyymi1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )


yeah. real "games-console" right here boys n girls.

gaelic_laoch1768d ago

Bill Clinton

"It's the games, stupid"

Kayant1768d ago

Not surprising as their reveal was an indication of what their primary focus is going to be going forward.

Mystogan1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Microsof's primary focus is Games and TV. not just TV. and not just games.

They have the money to do both well. Even with their 2 focuses. X1 has more AAA games than PS4.

They have a Studio dedicated to TV content, So it will not get in the way of the games. As was already proven by the sheer amount of AAA launch exclusives.

KonsoruMasuta1768d ago

Boy, you really are shilling it up today. Yup, that Fighter Within for kinect looks like a game changer.

KYU21301768d ago

Claiming that XB1 has more AAA titles than PS4 before the generation even starts is a clear cut sign that your fanboy nature is showing. Talk to me in 6months to a year after both consoles are on the market and then judge who has what.

and to be fair Timed exclusives should not ever count as an exclusive. No i'm not calling title names because i don't know what they will be, because i left my crystal ball in the closet.

Morgue1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

I take it then Loco Cycle is a spin off of Sons Of Anarchy?

Kayant1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

I don't say Sony weren't but it's not their primary focus looking at their reveal. When you first introduce a product you're immediately targeting an audience and showing your focus for your product Sony was targeting games while MS was more of a entertainment(TV)/kinect interaction focus. 80%+ of their reveal of about TV/kinect and only games mentioned were sports games and COD and a bit of Forza 5.

theWB271768d ago

Since that reveal..what has it been about? A hour reveal about the complete functions of the X1...then for the last 6 months it's been nothing but games.

That's what I mean about people holding onto to things in order to make the X1 worse than it is.

Kayant1768d ago

The thing is who is most likely to buy a console at launch or willing to stay up late to hear the news on new hardware and watch conferences.... They are obviously going to appeal more to gamers leading on to launch because they are primary people that are passionate about new hardware to buy it at launch no matter the cost.

I personally think XB1 is a great console but it doesn't personally appeal to me in terms of the extra features like kinect/tv. And if the 3+ years since I owned my X360 is an indication of their focus to come then am not interested in that and their reveal solidified my point.

theWB271768d ago

Launch ok...but this upcoming gen is probably going to last for as long or a little longer than this gen. Launch is but a tiny fraction.

But I can't take anything away from you not wanting the Kinect...I personally want to see everything it could possibly do.

I guess I don't mind Microsoft's exclusives because I play more multiplatform and I'm covered with Forza and Halo. I also mostly went after the big exclusives from Sony on quantity doesn't equal better to me.

All in all....should be another good gen. Now...back to GTA.

KonsoruMasuta1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Real Housewives of Microsoft™ coming to a Xbox near you.

christocolus1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

I'm actuallly psyched about this.. ms already has great relationships with tv content providers in the us cos i keep seeing ms related stuff being promoted in some popular tv series in the us..but with the stephen spielberg deal etc ..I'm hoping for more diversity and hpefully a certain level of interaction....from stuff like game of thrones, to walking dead,big bang theory, V,the killing Even animated series..even gears of war and halo would be good animated tv shows if given to good directors...there is a huge potential here esp in the us..I hope they can pull this off properly....

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