Grand Theft Auto role 'could destroy Hawick's reputation'

A Hawick councillor has said he is "absolutely disgusted" at the use of the town's name for a "druggie hipster" district in Grand Theft Auto V.

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csreynolds1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

"Local councillor David Paterson said he feared [GTA V] could 'destroy the reputation' of Hawick. He said a lot of people were 'very proud' of the town and it did not deserve such 'adverse publicity'."

Ugh, what nonsense. The game isn't in any way publicising your beloved town, you pompous twit. I bet 90% of the people playing GTA V don't even know Hawick is a place.

*rolls eyes*

SirBradders1762d ago

Make that 99.9% and even if we did who the hell would care im too busy looking for aliens, running over hoes, throwing my money at strippers, robbing banks, scaling mountings and shooting feds.

KonsoruMasuta1762d ago

He just publicized his town himself. I didn't know what Hawick was before but now I have the sudden urge to look it up.

RankFTW1761d ago

I've lived in Scotland for the last 28 years and this is the first time I've ever heard of Hawick so I don't think their "reputation" is a problem.

csreynolds1761d ago

Ha! Awesome.

I think some people are just far too sensitive for the sake of it.

Death1762d ago

I was going to visit Hawick with my family until I found out what a druggie hipster haven it was while playing GTA V, which coincidentally is the game I use to teach my children moral values and show them what the real world is really like. Oh well. I guess I'll take the money I am saving on the trip to go to the local Karin dealer to pick out a new Dilettante hybrid. Because those are real too.

SeraphimBlade1761d ago

Prediction for next week: Rockstar faces class action defamation lawsuit from everyone named Trevor

SaveFerris1761d ago

Wait a minute. Doesn't GTA V take place in a fictional city called Los Santos, and how does this affect a real town in Scotland?

RankFTW1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

Heh the guy is mental it seems.

WeAreLegion1761d ago

"Some idiot from Hawick mentioning that Hawick is a drug town in GTA V could destroy Hawick's reputation."

Fixed that for you.