‘Diablo 3′ on consoles is the optimal experience, possibly to PC gamers’ dismay (VGW)

VGW's Will Harrison looks as Diablo 3 on consoles and explains why the console version beats out the PC version of the definitive version of the game.

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ArchangelMike1675d ago

No, no, no, Diablo III on PS4 will be the optimal experience, and I can't wai tot get my hands on it.

Dear Blizzard, please include the 'Reaper of Souls' explansion in the PS4 versions.
Thank You.

thrust1675d ago

Are there dates for ps4 and Xbox one?

gaelic_laoch1675d ago

That's what I am waiting for! Would like to try playing it on remote play for vita!

Thehyph1675d ago

I just hit 60 last night. From levels 59-60 I found 6 legendary items.

I'll probably buy it on ps4, too. Unless the expansion is included, the only thing that'll really be different is graphics. The only feature that I feel is lacking is bringing your save to a friend's house. Sure, you can do it two ways, but they're a hassle and both involve making a user account on the other's ps3. Hopefully, ps4 system user crap is optional and you can just use psn accounts.

Roccetarius1675d ago

Maybe because it was developed for consoles to begin with? Blizzard has fallen from their throne of great games, so this is no surprise.

gaelic_laoch1675d ago

Stick that In your graphic card heat pipes and smoke it!

thezeldadoth1675d ago

why do gamers have to be douches these days. "waah ps3 version is better than mine" or on the other side, assuming PC players are sitting in their houses butthurt that your version may or may not be better. Just play the game and quit whining. You're ruining gaming by complaining and griping over every little detail. "waah crit strike on my class is just too loowwwwww" just enjoy the game or quit and play a different game

Hufandpuf1675d ago

I can't believe PC gamers didn't think something was up when they were denying that D3 was mad for consoles. Well, now they realize it, and its funny because the console version isn't selling too well any way.

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