PS4: four profiles can be signed in on one console

Gamers will be able to use multiple accounts on the PlayStation 4 even at the same time

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TimeSkipLuffy1711d ago

What is the benefit to have different users logged in at the same time on the same console? :3

CustardTrout1711d ago

On the 360 you can split screen online which can be really fun; assume it'll be the same kind of idea

abzdine1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

you can play multiplayer online game with a friend on the same console. No need to have up to 4 consoles and split the network to 4 if you're sitting together. That's at least how i understand it.

0ut1awed1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

The only problem is that most games are not supporting online splitscreen as time goes on. I can only imagine that will continue more so into next gen.

There will defiantly be games that have it but we will see how usefull this really is.

MazzingerZ1711d ago

You can do that on PS3 as well(co-op local sing in for instance Warhawk and LBP, I think Resistance 2 co-op allowed that as well, those the ones I recall right now...Trophies can't be earned by anyone but main account, seems to be possible now on PS4

devwan1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

On ps3 it was the game title that allowed it, on ps4 it's a system feature across the board.

NukaCola1711d ago


Every one earns trophies for LBP. Glad they added this. Will make Borderlands 3 better so my wife can earn trophies for her own account.

MazzingerZ1711d ago

Ahhh nice! Didn't know that one, I guess when I played with my family had gotten most of those trophies
Thanks for the info!

mewhy321711d ago

This will be great. I do this now on Xbox360 with my kids and we have a blast. Now that we're moving to PS4 I'm glad to see that we'll be able to do the same. Just another example of Sony listening to the gamer.

SilentNegotiator1710d ago

They had better still allow "guests" in online play.

It would be BS if you were forced to use two paid accounts for splittscreen online multiplayer.

blennerville1710d ago

"On the 360 you can split screen online which can be really fun; assume it'll be the same kind of idea"

you can do that on PS3 in Uncharted 3.

my guess is its for remote play and stuff.

dragon821710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )


They have said that only one account on the system needs to have PS+ and the rest of the accounts on that system will also be covered.

I believe the Xbox One is moving towards this system too.



Hopefully it can become more common now that both consoles are readily able to do it. I mean, PS3 could do that, but it was up to devs to implement it, now as long as it's a game that support local multiplayer, multiple sign-in should be a given.

miyamoto1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )


XB1_PS41710d ago

I had no clue that this wasn't all ready a thing on PSN.

badz1491710d ago

Great feature especially for local coop and all 4 can get trophies

BallsEye1710d ago


Most of XO ms exclusives offer split screen campaigns etc...halo series offer 4 players split screen. Also many people logged into 1 console even in the dash have it's benefits. On 360 anyone logged in can switch to his/her own dashboard in a second and check friends list and so on. I have accounts for UK, US, Germany and Japan. Different stuff in dashboard, often different free games etc.

360ICE1710d ago

You can do that on PS3 too, but only in certain games (Starhawk, Resistance 2). I'm hoping for a more universal support this time around. Collecting trophies at a friend's house would be neat.

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Dark_Eternal1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

Presumably multiple users can also earn trophies that way, instead of just one person.

Boody-Bandit1711d ago

+well said

This is a much needed option. My son and I go head to head a lot in fighters and sports games. It sucked that only one of us could unlock trophies while doing so. This is great news.

listenkids1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

Let's hope so, many times I've missed out playing split screen games and the multiple account sign in for black ops 2 didn't award trophies :(

yellowgerbil1711d ago

My brother in law has a 360. Together we went into online games on CoD black ops 2 with me on a second account.
So there is a benefit, though nothing that is a game changer. Just another sign that sony is out to make the console as pro gamer as possible.

Hufandpuf1711d ago

Or as up to date as possible.

saber000051711d ago


With-in each other's profile account is your friends list. I'm sure if, if you have a sibling or someone else that is sharing your PS4, you wouldn't want to be receiving messages from people you don't even know. I know I wouldn't XD

Also, your profile holds your game data (Gamer name, share streams, etc). So, that's a playstation plus..... See what I did there? ;)

TimeSkipLuffy1711d ago

but if 4 users are logged in into one console wouldn't you receive messages from all four on that console? :D

I see the benefit of multiplayer if the game support online multiplayer splitscreen and owning own trophies on local multiplayer games.

TAURUS-5551711d ago

PS4 is winning the console war...hands down.

Bundi1711d ago

By adding current gen features?
What's next? Praising them for adding WiFi? A hard drive perhaps? No, using electricity!

deviouslight1711d ago

@Bundi well Sony was the first one to have a built in bluray and built in wifi along with the wii

SignifiedSix911710d ago

How? I could do this with my 360 in 2005...

MasterCornholio1711d ago

Multiplayer achievements.

Nexus 7 2013

Bundi1711d ago

When playing a multiplayer game, trophies can now be earned by any of the 2/4 players and not just the main profile.
Also for games like Fifa, it is nice to have controller settings already assigned to your preferences rather than having to make due with the primary profile settings or change them each time.

This is something that puzzled with the ps3, why did they limit it to just one profile per session when up to 7 people could play at the same time?

Welcome to 2005 Sony, glad you finally made it.

joeyisback1711d ago

Microsoft where was the blue ray player in the Xbox 360 welcome to 2006 Microsoft

Bundi1711d ago

That's why Microsoft aren't shouting it from the roof tops that they now have blu-ray, it's not something to write home about in 2013.

Being able to sign in multiple profiles is further perplexing because unlike blu-ray it isn't a hardware limitation. How they went an entire gen without catching up is a crime.

Kryptix1711d ago

That was because the XMB's base structure due to foreseeing RAM limitations wasn't designed to let multiple players sign in on their own profiles. But the work around was that in certain games like most notably Little Big Planet, they designed the in-game code to give the console the ability to do so.

The PS3 always had the ability to allow multiple accounts, it was just up to developer to add the feature in the game. So I'm glad now it's a feature that comes built with the console so developers can take full advantage of it adding splitscreen online and offline.

And what you mean with the last part; "Welcome to 2005 Sony, glad you finally made it."? You act like the Xbox 360 was more up to date than the PS3. Hmmmm, from what what I remember, the 360 in the beginning had no HDMI output, no wifi, controllers use disposable batteries, and no blu-ray. And with the new Xbox One, no removable hard drive and controllers still use disposable batteries. Honestly, the PS3 went with the times much better and we still use the new blu ray format after all that.

edgeofsins1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

We get it. You don't like Sony. Quit your complaining.

You're embarrassing.

You're one of the people that think Knack is last gen just because of it's art style after all.

Is something wrong with Sony one upping XBox all the time? Be mad at Microsoft. They have the assets and money. They just don't care. They don't understand you or other gamers. They only know casual and "hardcore"(To them any game with violence). Sony has both, variations of both, in between that, a mix of the two, everything right out of the gate with many coming later in 2014, much of which all they had to do was contact developers and offer free dev kits. Microsoft just shunned the industry, the consumers, and that resulted in shunning themselves. If you want to support some of the biggest ignorance of the industry with your own ignorance go ahead.

I don't find the brand bad, just the company.

Edit: And like Kryptix said. The console wasn't designed around it originally. They aren't compromising the biggest feature, gaming, by changing it around with an update that could affect its performance. That is why some games like Starhawk had in game music. It limits the developers freedom and gamers might get less because of it.

tiffac0081711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

Well we can clearly see the strength of MS when it comes to software programming and Sony when it comes to hardware manufacturing. This generation showed that to us.

What's important is that the weaknesses of the 360 and PS3 is now being tackled with the X1 and PS4.

SmoothC9111711d ago


Who the f was 'shouting it from the rooftops'? This article just stated a response to a question; there was no press release or major announcement

neoMAXMLC1710d ago

"That's why Microsoft aren't shouting it from the roof tops that they now have blu-ray,"

No, instead they're shouting from the rooftops that you can play games without being connected online. :P

kenshiro1001710d ago

You never give up, do you? What's sad is that people agreed with you.

Insomnia_841710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

That can be done with Little Big Planet and other games, just saying.

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KrisButtar1711d ago

So the different users could each earn trophies while playing Split Multiplayer. That would be my 1st reason

Sarick1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

Woah, my guess so you can have three others get TROPHIES while playing a multi-player game. On PS3 the only player who gets credit is the user who is active online.

Am I right?

Jazz41081710d ago

Wasnt trophies added after ms was successfull with achievements? They both copy one another is my point.

trenso11711d ago

in LBP you could sign in with multiple ids so whatever they earned while not playing on their account would be unlocked when they singed in.

ZBlacktt1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

Trophy boosting/player boosting.

GraveLord1711d ago

4-player local multiplayer in Call of Duty or any sports game I imagine.

DOMination-1711d ago

Each player can earn achievements

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1711d ago

say you want to play split screen when yur boy is over, he can log into his account on yur ps4 with you and you can both level up on yur own accounts same with diablo 3

ion531710d ago

FarCry3 had the same feature for split screen co-op

abusador1710d ago

Wayyyyy before Farcry three this was done by Sonys first party studios such as resistance 2, uncharted 3, etc...... Once again Sony was the first to have this feature and ppl try to give credit elsewhere lol

StoutBEER1710d ago

PS3 didn't have this capability? That sucks. Glad they are changing that. Nothin like sittin around witha few friends on a lazy sunday dickin about in Halo customs. :3
Copied you're face Nightmare cause I liked it XD

abusador1710d ago

Wayyyyy before Farcry or any other game this was done by Sonys first party studios such as resistance 2, uncharted 3, etc...... Once again Sony was the first to have this feature and ppl try to give credit elsewhere lol

BoriboyShoGUN1710d ago

@ Abusador, While I am a Playstation Fan you sir are wrong the 360 had this at launch! I always wondered how the PS3 didnt have it but wasnt too concerned since I was the only one logging in on the PS3 anyways. But seeing from some of the post I guess it was up too individual developers on the PS3 to make it happen! I guess I just never noticed!!

iPad1710d ago

Hopefully on PS4, you don't need to quit the game and head back to the XMB just to switch accounts.

I loved that about Xbox LIVE. You can switch accounts in-game.

mickaelmc1710d ago

Lots of benefits. Leveling up, personal loadouts, trophies, infinite record keeping stats, lots.

MuhammadJA1710d ago

So Sony can brag later that she has more online users! XD

hellzsupernova1710d ago

This for me was the biggest misstep of the ps3
With the trophy system some games wouldn't let you sign in and you didn't get trophies with your buddies. Sure a few games let you eventually but it was always a let down

ziggurcat1710d ago

say, in littlebigplanet, you could have 4 different profiles playing MP instead of one profile plus 3 guests. each person playing could earn their own trophies that way as well.

pixelsword1710d ago

@ zigg;

Sorry, I didn't see this particular post when I made my comment answering Nightmare, or else I would have merely agreed with yours.

...Which I just did. :)

Elimin81710d ago

do it for the VITA! PLSE?!

kingPoS1710d ago

Ever play a fout player co-op game of warhawk only to wish everyone involved could gain experience and level up.

Instead of...

[Joe] psn

It could be...

[Joe] psn
[Bob] psn
[Sam] psn
[Tom] psn

pixelsword1710d ago

If you get a trophy, it goes to your account?

ziggurcat1710d ago

that is likely the case, yes, if you're signed into your own account.

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Mikelarry1711d ago

it only makes sense as you can only use 4 controllers at one time on the ps4

saber000051711d ago

I think 4 profiles are more than enough. How many house holds really have more than 4 people playing games? :P

soniqstylz1710d ago

Not that anyone used it, but the PS3 allowed up to 7 players.

pixelsword1710d ago

People with more than four children, maybe?