One Hit Pixel Review: Foul Play

One Hit Pixel: "Not every day do we get a protagonist who represents the distinct personality of an aristocratic gentleman. In fact the only one that springs to mind was the charming if utterly ridiculous tea swilling Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure. This game fused classic platforming with puzzle mechanics not dissimilar to Nintendo’s Pokémon: Puzzle League, but also featured more tea, Union Jacks and giant mechs to heavy metal than you could shake your cane at.

Perhaps in order to fill in this niche in the market, or more likely because they just can, British developers Mediatonic have taken this on a very similar character trope, given him a cockney chimneysweep companion, and thrown both of them into an arcade style brawler appropriately named Foul Play. But as we peer through the monocle onto the stage, this whimsical tale has a few surprises in store."

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