GTA V Digital Version Reportedly Suffering Issues

Reports are circulating that the PSN version of Grand Theft Auto V suffers from the same issues as Xbox 360 copies do when the play disc is installed.

For those not up to speed, Rockstar originally issued a warning against installing both the discs contained in the retail Xbox 360 version of the game as it causes frame-rate, texture and pop-up issues. While a workaround for this has now been found, users on Reddit are reporting that buying the digital copy of the game from the PSN store results in the same problems.

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MestreRothN4G1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

After playing the disc version for XBox360, and physical and digital for PS3, I must say the PS3 digital is much behind any other one. In GTA Online, digital owners suffering the issues will suffer even more in the competition, due to controller lag and lower frame rate.


I asked for a refund for my digital purchase.

So far, they offered only workarounds (some pretty bizarre, I must say, like disabling PSN and network, or deleting my saves) and haven't accepted or denied the refund.

I asked for it again. Let's see how it goes.

guitarded771832d ago

They do not give refunds for digital content. It's in the agreement you have to agree to for PSN.

KwietStorm1832d ago

Completely untrue. Not saying it's not in the agreement (I know nothing about it), but they do give refunds on a case to case basis.

guitarded771832d ago

Well, they wouldn't give me one, and I talked to 3 people in the food chain. They gave me store credit, but not a refund to my personal bank account. Said they don't do it.

TongkatAli1832d ago

Simple patch will fix it.

RickHiggity1832d ago

Yep. They'll get it fixed. It's not like these things just get ignored while they offer dumb workarounds.

MestreRothN4G1832d ago

Not simple at all.

If you have any idea about why these issues are happening (double access) you'll realize it is basically impossible to be fixed.

detroitmademe1832d ago

dam,im downloading it right now because my disc tray went out on me a few months ago and i decided not to replace it and just wait for ps4,I figure gta should hold me.Also when i went to purchase the game from psn i couldn't purchase the game with my debit card,i called my bank& and they said they could see the transactions but sony wasnt charging me anything,Sony cs couldn't figure it out either so i just ended up using psn cards i thought that was weird though. CANT WAIT 4 GTA!!!!!

InTheZoneAC1832d ago

did it go out because something got stuck in it

or have you tried the safe mode boot and restored file system to potentially fix your bluray drivers?

XboxFun1832d ago

That sucks for PSN users who downloaded this massive game.

Hopefully R* will have a work around for all you PS users who downloaded this title first day.

Shouldn't something like this been tested by Sony before hand by their QA team? I am certain Sony has a qa team that DL games and makes sure that they function perfectly just like the retail.

Or maybe the game is just way too big to hold up and not offer until a fix. Especially when you promote day one digital downloads.

MestreRothN4G1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

It is like saying Bethesda didn't know about the PS3 bugs before release.

Don't be naive. It is obvious they knew it before we do. Still more obviously they don't reveal this. It is much better and more lucrative to cowrite an IGN article lying about stable 30 fps than saying that the game will mostly range between 25-28. The truth, you know...

My_Outer_Heaven1832d ago

They should test this stuff before releasing it seriously... after all those years developing the game you can't test a digital copy before releasing it? Just lazyness.

lashes2ashes1832d ago

That's weird. I'm playing the psn version and outside of some textures streaming in slow at the opening credits its been fine for me.

Grave1832d ago

Same here. I've played for like 6 hours thus far and have yet to notice any crazy issues. Game looks and runs great.

MestreRothN4G1832d ago

It isn't affecting everyone, as usual.

RickHiggity1832d ago

Same here. I mean, if there are issues, they aren't that bad I guess. Because I wouldn't have even known something was wrong until I read this.

vlonjati77vlonjati1832d ago

I dont have problem either.My digital gta v is fine unless I need glasses:b

cr33ping_death1832d ago

Got the digital version and so far so good...knock on wood...

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