Why Target Demographics Don't Absolve GTA 5 From Being Morally Dubious

Gameranx: "Target demographics are not enough to absolve Grand Theft Auto 5 from being morally dubious."

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raWfodog1711d ago

I miss the days when people just played games to be entertained. Now everything has to be politicized and an agenda must be attached to it. When did it become a games responsibility to teach moral values to the people? People are asking a lot for $60.

Wni01711d ago

Sux that the industry is maturing, they'll all be well hung huh.

spartanlemur1711d ago

It's not maturing.

It has, however, now come onto the radar of left-wing totalitarians.
Games have been victim to right-wing fear mongering over violence and nudity for years.

Now, the left-wing has smelled blood and is out to change the "moral" content of games to suit the views they all think everyone else should be brainwashed into holding.

Both need to back off and stop trying to control what ideas or content everyone else has access to.

Highlife1711d ago

But who is the target. If it is truely 18 and up why is the game bieng sold at toys " r"us and other kids toy stores. I have no problem with the game. As it should be played by adults. I know I played my fair share of m rated games as a kid but as a parent I wouldn't let my kids play this game.

Question how many of you are under 18 and are playing this game? I know Was like 15 I played gta3 didn't affect me.

SilentNegotiator1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

"Now, the left-wing has smelled blood"


Joe Lieberman was one of the big players in the game violence hearings in the early 90s, forcing the creation of the ESRB and a near catastrophe to San Andreas's launch years later (Over a mod that made a minigame with dry humping clothed characters possible).

SilentNegotiator1711d ago

"If it is truely 18 and up why is the game bieng sold at toys " r"us and other kids toy stores"

...because Toys R Us orders copies?

Highlife1711d ago

...... Because Toys R Us orders copies?
Good point. I just don't think they should be sold there. An adult can get a copy else where.

SilentNegotiator1711d ago

My point is that Rockstar determines the target audience, not Toys R Us. And as long as Toys R Us sells copies to adults only, they don't affect the target audience.

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Godlovesgamers1710d ago

I miss the days when devs actually had class and decency and didn't make games to create controversy.

spartanlemur1711d ago

This article reeks of bias and closed mindedness.

The writer clearly doesn't realise that his moral opinion isn't the "right" moral opinion.
There's nothing worse than a game or movie which adheres to contemporary moral values, as it is mundane and unimaginative.
We need MORE morally dubious games which present the world from different points of view.

But then I'm not going to be as arrogant as the article writer and suggest my opinion here is fact. If the writer cares so much about this issue, why doesn't he develop his own game attacking what he perceives as misogyny?

KumquatGOATBEEF1711d ago

With this mindset, why just focus on GTA V? Why not question movies like Goodfellas, Natural Born Killers, Pulp Fiction, etc.? The only reason this article is publishing this is for hits due to GTA V's popularity right now.

Games are meant as entertainment. I find it entertaining to do WHATEVER I want and to engage in a storyline that could be considered "offensive." I do not find it entertaining to play Barbie Dreamhouse Party.

If you can't handle violent, morally offensive video games then obviously you can't handle this type of content in any medium, so you should probably start quarantining yourself and stick with PG-13 and below games, movies, and music. Let those who actually enjoy these games play them without rabbles from the peanut gallery.

Highlife1711d ago

I agreed with your comment but to his point this is the time to write this. It's his opinion it may not be one we agree with. And you didn't have to hear the rabbles from the peanut gallery. You found your way here.

OrangePowerz1711d ago

GTA games always use topics or try to make fun of what is wrong with society in an exaggerated way and this is just another example that they use misogyny in the game.

Like having a radio spot in GTA5 that talks about evrrybody should buy a gun and kids should get guns to take with them to school in order to protect themselves.

SaffronCurse1711d ago

The radio stations exaggerate on another level, but it's hilarious to hear the stuff they spew because really, it's the same bullshit that we hear from our government.

iceman061710d ago

I would agree. I understand what the author is objecting to. BUT, I believe that Rockstar are attempting to shed a somewhat satirical light on subjects that that have occurred in society and pop culture since the last game. They are trying to highlight them and at the same time get you to recognize how absurd some of it is by taking them to the Nth degree. At times, they are hit and miss. But, when they do nail's pretty great.

-Gespenst-1711d ago

I expressed a sort of similar thing in my recent blog on this site:

I'm totally behind the sentiment of this article. Gamers have this "bubble" attitude. They don't want anyone interfering on their hobby, they want to live in these fantasy worlds were everything is nice and simple and juvenile and in which they don't have to think. The whole "target audience" thing is just another way they enforce this.

Now, I'll admit that GTA games are supposed to be satirical, but they've always been seen as slightly ham-fisted in that regard. While the radio stations are just sort of dumb and obvious in how satirical they are, the plotline and the representations therein are often ambiguous. This article makes some good points:

Sethry1011711d ago

Quick, easy and free solution to your problem, along with the author of the article and everyone else who has a problem with it, JUST DON'T PLAY IT.

Leave the game for those who have the intelligents to observe the difference between fact and fiction, and the difference between a moral teaching and satirical comedy.

I guarantee no one is holding a gun to your or anyone else head telling you to play. And if by some tiny chance there is, well then i can guarantee its not a morally void GTA player, we are all indisposed. :)

-Gespenst-1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )


Translation: "don't play or even read about my game so you don't and can't form an opinion of it that challenges it." Bubble mentality.

"Leave the game for those who have INTELLIGENTS" (my emphasis). Sorry, I usually don't call people out for spelling mistakes, but that one was pretty amusing.

First of all, these games get played by impressionable children and the mentally unsound ALL the time regardless of the rating and advice against it respectively. The messages they send out about violence and all manners of things are generally NOT good, and are certainly a danger to these kinds of people, which by extension is a danger to us all.

Secondly, you alone might think you're one of the ones with the "intelligents" (still lolling), but I guarantee you you've picked up a hell of a lotta bad attitudes and notions about things from objects of culture. OBVIOUSLY the game isn't real, but that's not the point. ALL things communicate the attitudes and values of their creator- they send out messages about things in how they portray and represent those things. For example, in Assassin's Creed games, the choreographed and fetishised kills are accompanied by a slo-mo camera as if to suggest that the violence is somehow "cool" and worthy of "awe", when in reality it's just horrible. I could literally talk all day and night about this but its obviously beyond the scope of a comment. My point is that you've got to understand the sort of subliminal impact things in culture(particularly popular culture) can have on a person's and a people's perception of various things within reality. There's an awful lot of things we regard as "knowledge" in society that were in fact made up from the very start- communicated and propagated through objects of culture - yet we internalised those things and they became a reality in our minds. The natural inferiority of black people for instance. A lot of people still don't realise that's an utter falsehood. Not to mention the "natural" roles of women. Anyhow hopefully you see my point, and I'll leave it there.