NCAA Football 2009 Debut Trailer

Here is the GameTrailers exclusive debut trailer for NCAA Football 2009.

GameTrailers writes, "Experience wide open gameplay, dynamic moves and controls, home field advantage, and more."

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CNIVEK3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

Check out the character model glitches in the 2 Outside Linebackers at the 58 second mark! I can't believe EA approved this video for release. :D

cannonsimp3866d ago

looks good! It is EA though so only time will tell.

FCOLitsjustagame3866d ago

Is it just me or other then the situation specific audibles doesnt this look exactly the same as the last few?

And the Mascot games, didnt they always have that? Or did that get dropped this gen so they could now bring it back and pretend its new?

I used to like this game on the Xbox and it was the one I was looking at to finally get a next gen football game (well until All Pro got marked down to 9.99 but I still dont consider that a real game for me since there is no career mode) but other then the audibles there was nothing there that screamed YOU MUST BUY (Hey EA a 20-40 dollar price tag would cry that).

Grown Folks Talk3866d ago

they finally brought back 4 player co-op on 1 unit.