The future of PS4 – the race to ‘win’ next-gen is a marathon, not a sprint

OPM: Queuing at midnight to snatch up your new PS4, the delicate removal of pristine console from unsullied box, the infantile surge of inner happiness when a menu screen stares back at you for the first time… the launch of a new console is a magical, almost life-altering event. Because this little cube of electronics will be your bosom buddy for the next six or seven years, guaranteed to deliver endless joy and never answer back, no matter how controversial your views on football or politics or Game Of Thrones. (“You were right, Walder Frey. They had it coming.”)

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gaelic_laoch1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

The Next Gen Race ended back in June when the Xbone staggered over the starting line then galloped off in the opposite direction!
But after a few 180's it seems to be headed the right way but has been lapped a few times by the PSFourse!

thrust1829d ago

You really need to go out more!

Mikelarry1829d ago

Gaelic sony should hire you as you do alot of free PR for them. every time i read you comments i chuckle so positive, so excited about the ps4. not saying its a bad thing

gaelic_laoch1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

@ thrust

I did once! It's overrated!

I have GTAV now and that's all that matters until I get my PS4!


Boody-Bandit1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

thrust- "You really need to go out more!"

gaelic- "I did once! It's overrated!"


OT: Sony is doing Sony. They said the same thing about the PS2, PS3 and are merely repeating it again. They do their best to have a continual stream of high quality titles every year over the span of their hardware's life cycle. Always bringing out new exciting IP's every generation. They don't put pressure on their devs to hit a date on a calendar but bring out their product when it's completed.

The best part about Sony is they don't up and leave their hardware stranded when they bring out new hardware. I can't wait to start the next generation of gaming with them.
Greatness awaits.

Thehyph1829d ago

The next gen race has not ended.

I'm a fan of Sony and have my ps4 already paid for. I also have no intention of buying an Xbox ever. But:

The vocal hardcore element online and the pre order numbers may point towards Sony being the company gaining ground, but how many casuals out there are just going to buy the new Xbox to play the new Call of Duty and maybe the new Assassin's Creed? A lot. Even if only in North America. The truth is that MOST of the people who will end up owning one of these consoles during the lifespan probably don't know much about them. They aren't the ones bickering about it online, and they're not the ones who have preorders.

Only time will tell. My own theory is that Sony will come out the gate remarkably strong, and I believe it will be because of a well handled supply line. I think that the two (Sony and Microsoft) will end the year fairly even. Many will have you believe that Sony will steam roll Microsoft, but I do not believe that is the case. The most important factor to this theory of mine is the lack of Japan sales in 2013. I think the best numbers to use as an indicator of how the generation will play out won't come until late 2014.

Just my theory though, of course. I try to stay logical and realistic.

gaelic_laoch1829d ago

"I try to stay logical and realistic."

For me trying to be logical and realistic in a world that is both illogical and unrealistic just gives me a headache!

prodg521828d ago

@ gaelic_laoch

... trying to be logical and realistic in a world that is both illogical and unrealistic just gives me a headache!

That's a great quote!

The Meerkat1829d ago

And the PS4 is Mo Farah crossed with Usain Bolt.

Mcardle1829d ago

I don't expect Sony to lose the number one position after they surpass the Wii U sales to be honest, the question for me isn't will Sony outsell the others, its how much will they outsell them.

Thehyph1829d ago


But I don't know if the 2013 sales numbers will reflect it. With Japan missing, North America becomes a higher percentage of world wide sales. If Sony and Microsoft end 2013 around even, then it means Sony is gaining ground.

I believe that sales at the end of 2014 will be indicative of the rest of the generation.

Chevalier1828d ago

Except Sony is launching in 32 countries and MS is only releasing in 13. I work at EB and we have never seen numbers like we are seeing from PS4 preorders. A lot of 360 customers are switching over to PS4 and bringing friends with them. We just reopened xbox one preorders and now sit at 44 preorders whereas Sony PS4 preorders are 302. Our top store has 451 ps4 preorders and about 100 xbox one preorders. At least in Canada I can say MS is getting destroyed!