Gamespot- Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 Review

GS:PES 2014 moves ever closer towards simulation, and in doing so forgets exactly what makes the series so different and so much fun in the first place.

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cronaldo71705d ago

and they gave PES 2013 an 8/10...

allformats1705d ago

What the heck is wrong with Gamespot these days? I'm telling you, just like the scandal that almost brought them down a few years ago, that site's downfall will be its reviews if this doesn't stop..

These guys know soccer, and look at the score:

gaelic_laoch1705d ago

They used to be my go to site for gaming review but now I think they are losing hits so are just acting like a pack of tots throwing tantrums to get attention!

Walker1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

dafuq did i just read ? i played pes2014 demo and i can seriously say that this game is way better than any other soccer game ! go home gamespot (mark walton)... youre drunk !

despair1705d ago

Does anyone take Gamespot reviews seriously anymore?

nerdeu1705d ago

It got a 6/10 just because there were MALES playing football. Where are the women? Misogynic game! Bla bla bla ...

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