Random Shootouts in Grand Theft Auto V

There are a lot of ways a developer can make their world feel alive. Crowded streets, abundant pedestrians, flowing traffic, billboards, commercial establishments and more. However, the one feature that dwarfs them all are random events.

While walking around the city, you'll encounter plenty of activities that you don't necessarily take part in. Be it a cop chasing a criminal or just regular gang members squaring off.

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Duddy1011766d ago

I was playing it last night and i was running from the cops and hid in a car park on the top floor. As I was looking over the edge of the roof I could see the cops coming towards the carpark, when out of nowhere a random guy got out of his car and shot the four cops who were following me. It was EPIC!

falviousuk1766d ago

yup, was dring about last night and came across a drug store being robbed by two men, went up to them and they wanted me to be their getaway driver, however the car i had wasnt good enough and they said to get something better. I ended up shooting the two hold up guys and saving the drug store person.

Now if only we could join the police academy and become a policeman

Sizzon1766d ago

So cool, from Red Dead :)

I also saw a red dot, a robber that pointed a gun at a girl so I ran up to him and shot him in the head lol.

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