Wii Sports Club screenshots

Nintendo released the first screenshots from Wii Sports Club.

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Luthiens11884d ago

Online regional club play. Nice!

browngamer411884d ago

This game is going to get so much play around my house, heck even my ps3/360 friends liked Wii sports! Time to smash serve my way to the top in tennis(loved that game)..

AWBrawler1884d ago

not if i have any say in it. i'm a beast at tennis lol.

browngamer411884d ago

Touche', we shall see..;)

Luthiens11884d ago

Nov 7th will see digital release of bowling & tennis, other sports are too follow. Why 'o why didnt you get this ready for the wiiu launch.

AKR1884d ago

Now that I think about it...they kind of teased this in the Wii U E3 2011 reveal. Strange...