Nintendo announces Wii Sports Club - online confirmed, more

Nintendo is bringing back its classic Wii Sports release for Wii U.

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pwnsause_returns1431d ago

Sorry Nintendo, not this time.

chente00251431d ago

Sorry pwnsause_returns,not this time for u buddy! lol

pwnsause_returns1431d ago

Lol fine. I'll stay shut with my argument.

N4g_null1431d ago

OMG its starting! And it is online and this may usher in the account linking sooner or later.

Now I see why they didn't put this in the box at first, they are testing the waters... this with wiifit u is going to cause a serious spark, maybe.

lilbroRx1431d ago

You made no argument. Its just you dismissing Nintendo.

Neonridr1431d ago

Great idea. This should make for some more great drinking games at my house once again. The online play is a great feature that was sorely missing from the first games.

RFornillos41431d ago

not to mention the clubs... i think it would be awesome! although i think it's just state or region-wide at the moment, but perhaps later you can create your own club/team... of course, technically you can create your own "exclusive" team, but you'll still belong to a certain club. all in all, this is a good thing.

iplay1up21431d ago

I actually liked sports resort. I had not plaayed till last year. However please Nintendo make the game look MUCH better please. I would rather have a more realistic Island setting. This game could have potential.

Klad1431d ago

This makes me want a Wii U even more!

AWBrawler1431d ago

What? wait when was this announced?

Neonridr1431d ago

I know, completely out of left field. I check Nintendo sites daily and had no clue. LOL

AWBrawler1431d ago

I woke up to this. I want that tennis.